I am excited to introduce you today to one of this month’s blog sponsors: Lise Solvang. She is a knit and crochet designer with some great patterns that I’ll be telling you more about in a moment. However, what I really love about Lise is that she has this terifically positive energy that infuses her work. She uses crafting in a healing way to improve her life and the lives of others, which you know from my projects (Crochet Saved My Life and Hook to Heal) that I’m all about too.

Lise Solvang’s Positive Attitude

Lisa says:

I knit
to meditate
to quiet myself
to create art
to play
to touch
to heal

Blue Shawl

Visit the About page of Lise’s site, aHandKnitLife, and you will immediately see what I mean about her positive attitude. She has written there (in part):

“My professional life allows me to sell my knitwear, patterns, kits and host workshops. My artistic life allows me to create and show fiber art. My personal life allows me to knit scarves for my chickens. My spiritual life allows me to teach women in need of healing to knit themselves back to health. My love life allows me to collaborate with my potter boyfriend and with ”Fiber and Clay – Together We Play”

I don’t think Life can get any better for this Lucky Girl.”

Knitting in Recovery with Lise Solvang

Green Wristbands

As she mentioned in that snippet, she helps women use knitting to heal, a topic that is obviously close to my own heart. She does this through “Knitting in Recovery – One Stitch at a Time, a 501(c)3 non profit outreach program dedicated to teaching knitting to those recovering from substance abuse or other self destructive behaviors.” This group does both knitting and crochet, crafting items for those less fortunate than themselves as a way to heal themselves while helping others.

3 Favorite Sayings

Pink Panchette

Here are three more things that Lise shared with me that I think really embody what she’s all about. The first two are her own and the last is a favorite knitting quote:

  1. “Stitch by stitch and moment by moment, we create the fabric of our lives and the pattern that is to become us.”
  2. “I find that a “No Rules” approach to knitting has a welcoming and sometimes humorous effect. No stigma is attached, no fear of failure, conquering something new becomes easier, a sense of empowerment replaces.”
  3. “Knitting is the simplest and most ordinary of activities, yet somehow it contains within itself the potential for expanding our conscious awareness”. – Sue Lyons

Lise Solvang, Knit and Crochet Designer

Turqoise Hairband

Lise Solvang is both a knit designer and a crochet designer, and if you take a look at her patterns for sale on Ravelry you will see that her designs are about equally divided between the two great crafts. The photos that you see throughout this post are from her gorgeous collection called Peace Love Om – Yoga Knits. Would you like to get a 20% discount off of any of the patterns in this collection? It’s going to be something that’s offered to all of my newsletter subscribers so just sign up now and it’ll land in your inbox later this month!

Make sure to visit Lise Solvang on Facebook and Ravelry.

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