Today we look at this week’s crochet news – and updates to the news from the same week in 2011 and 2012.

This Week in Crochet 2011

First let’s look at what was on the blog during these dates in 2011.

vince quevado crochet

There was a lot of stuff happening in crochet fashion during these dates in 2011. Celebrities Daisy Lowe and Vanessa Hudgens sported crochet. Crochet swimwear brand Beauty and the Beach had a suit in Sports Illustrated. House of Holland put granny squares on the runway. UK Store Monsoon had tons of crochet clothing for sale and Vionnet had some crochet. But the crochet fashion I loved the most from this time was the stunning crochet collar from Vince Quevado shown above.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any update on work from Vince Quevado. Here are some quick updates on the other things:

daisy lowe crochet collar

Daisy Lowe was spotted again, this time in crochet collar, later in 2011 but I haven’t seen any mentions of her in crochet more recently.

coachella crochet

Vanessa Hudgens is always in crochet.

crochet swimsuit

Beauty and the Beach continues to offer many different styles of beautiful crochet swimwear.

crochet fashion

There continues to be crochet on the runway although the granny square seems to have faded from interest for now. My favorite recent crochet is the stuff that Sister by Sibling put out recently.

crochet blanket monsoon

A search of the Monsoon website turns up several crochet items, including wearables, but my favorite is this hand crocheted throw blanket.

vionnet crochet

I did an overview of Vionnet crochet history last year. I don’t see any crochet in their collection this year.

My favorite crochet story from this week in the news in 2011 was the story about a couple who had been married for seventy years. She was a knitter and he was a crocheter. I don’t have an update on this one but I love the story! One year later I shared the story of a similar couple but in this case he was the knitter and she crocheted.

jute crochet bowl

And finally during this week in 2011 I did an interview with Etsy crocheter Nita of Lilena. I am so happy to see that her Etsy shop is still active; many of the people I highlighted with shops in 2011 have closed doors for one reason or another. The jute crochet bowl above comes from her current Etsy store.

This Week in Crochet 2012

Now let’s look at what was on the blog during these dates in 2012.

crochet pie

During these dates last year I took a close look at the wearable crochet art of Joy Kampia O’Shell, best known for her crochet hamburger dress. Lately it seems like she’s been working on non-wearable crocheted food pieces, like the silk crocheted blueberry pie you see above, which you can find in her Etsy store.

crochet wall art

Another artist I looked at briefly at this time was Etsy’s cornflowerbluestudio; she continues to make fiber art like the crochet piece shown above. She also sells knit and crochet patterns in her shop.

donna karan crochet kimono

In crochet fashion I looked at Donna Karan crochet. I just did a search in the Donna Karan online shop and no crochet came up at this time.

2013 Crochet News

And now the crochet news from this week, this year …

crochet hands

1. Seniors Knit and Crochet for Strong Kids Campaign. “Members of the Senior Knitting Club at the Broadway YMCA enjoy one another’s company and conversation every Wednesday afternoon as they work needles and crochet hooks to craft blankets, scarfs, mittens, and other cuddly items.”

mary poppins vasconcelos

2. Joana Vasconcelos’ Mary Poppins will be presented from March 15th to 24th at TEFAF Maastricht, the world’s leading art and antiques fair. The huge, colourful installation will be one of the circa 30,000 works of museum quality art offered for sale by 265 international top galleries and art dealers.

crochet squares

3. YBLA has issued a press release about the CAFAM Granny Squared crochet art project. It says in part:

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 1.31.14 PM

Check back next Sunday for more crochet history updates and breaking news in crochet!


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