Let’s look at crochet news from February 25 – March 3 … not only from this year but in review of the past two years as well. It’s recent crochet history updated and the best of this week’s crochet news all wrapped up in one.

March is National Craft Month. What will you do to celebrate?

This Week in Crochet 2011

First let’s look at what was on the blog during these dates in 2011.

mandy greer crochet art

The crochet artist I profiled at this time in 2011 was Mandy Greer, a mixed media artist who incorporates crochet into her work. She learned to crochet from her husband and she uses not only her own crochet but community sourced crochet. She has done some cool large scale crochet installation work and she has put out several amazing photography books of her crochet work. In 2012 she won an Arts Innovator Award. Explore her work here.

crochet book

I reviewed an older crochet book: The Weekend Crafter: Crochet: 20 Simple and Stylish Designs to Wear Crochet Books: Crochet 20 Simple & Stylish Designs to Wear by Jane Davis. In 2012 Davis came out with a new book, Crochet the Complete Guide.

sexy crochet

And I asked: does crochet have a place in the erotic arts? I was prompted to ask this after seeing the crochet pasties being sold by @sexonastitch both on Etsy and at the 2011 Toronto Erotic Arts Fair. She is still selling her fun stuff (and in facy I just received a pair myself recently) both online and at the continuing annual Toronto event. I also quoted her on the blog as saying, “what’s life without a bit of risque crochet?” And since we’re talking about Toronto, I also quoted author Stephanie Pearl McPhee as saying, “Toronto has a brief but cherished wool-drying season (some call it “summer”) and the joy of sun-warmed, clean, dry fleece and wool is irresistible.”

This Week in Crochet 2012

Now let’s look at what was on the blog during these dates in 2012.

crochet glass necklace

I profiled the work of crochet artist Anna Krystyna Casey who combines crochet with glass and wax sculpture work to create unique art pieces. She showed her work several times in 2012 and a recent Facebook update says that she’s working like mad on new art.


I shared what I learned about wool from reading Sheepish by Catherine Friend about life on a fiber farm. More recently I’ve updated what I learned by doing a full article on wool information.

olek crochet tent

I compiled 5 must-have crochet items for campers. This was part of a series I was doing (there were posts for bicyclists and yoga lovers, too). I’d like to start up this series again; is there any sport/ activity that you’d like to see a crochet roundup for?

2013 Crochet News

In crochet news this week:

crochet flower art

1. Fiber artist Catherine Reed, whose Yarn Garden installation I’ve written about previously, has some new work. She explained in a press release: “The lure of yarn and the urge to work big are calling loudly. Yarn Garden spent the summer, fall and winter at local schools, and the fascination with flowers persists with Green Fuse; yet I have tiptoed into tasteful with Olivia’s Boat and Muted Muddies.” Green Fuse, the knit and crocheted work shown above, is a new work that you can learn more about from her website.

2. Woman Celebrated for Charity Crochet. “In the past year every newborn has left Dublin Methodist Hospital with a piece of work from Maryellan Krenek. The seven-year Dublin Retirement Village resident has crocheted more than 1,000 hats for newborns at the hospital in the last year, a feat that earned her an “honorary volunteer” award from the hospital.”

3. Northern IL Chapter of CGOA Has Crocheted Items on Display at Library. “A feast for the eyes and a smorgasbord for the senses, crocheters and the public at large are invited to view the displays artfully presented by the members of this Crochet Guild of America Chapter.”

Check back next Sunday for more crochet history updates and breaking news in crochet!


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