Earlier this month I mentioned that March is Inter(national) Crochet Month and that lots of crochet bloggers, authors and designers are doing some really fun things to celebrate. One of those things is the huge Blog Tour Through Crochet Country hosted by Crochetville. I shared some of the early posts from that in the original article but I thought I’d give you an update on two dozen cool things in crochet that have been posted on that tour since, including free crochet patterns, tutorials and more. Here it is …

1. Free Crochet Blanket Pattern

free crochet blanket pattern

Jennifer of @JaybirdDesigns shared this free crochet blanket pattern for her part of the tour.

2. How to Crochet Bullion Stitch

crochet bullions

My Auntie’s Yarn Studio shared some tips for crocheting one of my favorite stitches, the bullion stitch, along with a bullion square pattern.

3. Free Tunisian Crochet Square Pattern

tunisian crochet square pattern

Andrea of @AGMode shared a free pattern for a Tunisian crochet square. This offers a chance to try a new niche in crochet if you haven’t already worked Tunisian.

4. How to Crochet a Scrap Yarn Afghan

colorful crochet afghan

Crochet in the NEK did a great post on spring cleaning organization for crocheters along with a guide to using scrap yarn to make a crochet afghan.

5. Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Socks

crochet baby socks free pattern

Angelarae Knits and Crochets shared a link to her free crochet pattern for baby socks that are made with soft handspun yarn. Lovely.

6. Kitchen Scrubbie Crochet Pattern

crochet kitchen scrubbie pattern

Andrea (@alvb) of The Fiber Forum shared a free crochet pattern for a kitchen scrubbie.

7. Shawl Share and Why to Join CGOA

crochet shawl

Crochet Renee shared photos of her beautiful Summer Storm Crochet Shawl, one of the crochet patterns from her 12 Shawls in 2012, which are all available for sale on Ravelry. She also shared some thoughts on why it’s worth joining the Crochet Guild of America.

8. How to Use Doilies to Make Garments

crochet doily dress

@JoyPrescott did one of my favorite posts on the tour, discussing how to use crochet doilies as inspiration and foundation for making crochet garments.

9. Convertible Amigurumi

free amigurumi pattern

Donna Childs shared the link to her adorable free amigurumi pattern for a lion that turns into a lamb. Super cute!

10. Craft Studio Tour

yarn stash

I loved looking at the yarn stash in the studio share post by Deb of Dragonfly Cottage Design. Isn’t it fun to see inside of people’s creative spaces?!

11. Knit-Look Crochet Socks Pattern

crochet socks pattern

Pam Daley shared her new knit-look crochet socks pattern. The pattern is offered free with a discount code through the end of the month and then is for sale through Ravelry.

12. Marty Miller on Tammy Hildebrand

crochet circles

Crochet designer Marty Miller shared a lovely story about meeting Tammy Hildebrand, who I know because she is one of the women I interviewed for my book Crochet Saved My Life. In her post Marty also talks about how things go in circles and she shares some tips on crocheting in the round. This seems appropriate since Tammy is Vice President of the CGOA and the CGOA blog recently reviewed Crochet Saved My Life. Incidentally, that review was by Marie (@UCrafter) of Underground Crafter who is done lots of interesting things for NatCroMo this year (including, shameless plug, a short interview with me). Circles!

13. Celebrate Crochet Every Day

crochet vice president tammy hildebrand

Tammy Hildebrand also did her own post where she shared thoughts on how we can celebrate the joy of crochet every day – and everywhere: that picture is her crafting in the pool!

14. Get Involved! On the Crochet Community

crochet designers

I really enjoyed Hooked on Knitting’s (@HookedOnKnits) NatCroMo post about various ways to participate in the crochet/ craft community and why it’s worth it to do so. Here Kimberly is with crochet experts Carol Alexander and Tammy Hildebrand.

15. Crochet Bunny

crochet bunny

Jocelyn (@cutecrochet) did a crochet pattern giveaway for her part of the blog tour. (Actually, you can still enter through the end of the month!) What I loved here was the chance to see one of her animal crochet patterns, which I’d never seen before even though I’m familiar with her cute crochet patterns!

16. Free Celtic Knot Crochet Pattern

free celtic knot crochet pattern

Jennifer of Celtic Knot Crochet shared that her free crochet scarf pattern is now available via Crochet Today.

17. Easy Free Crochet Heart Pattern

free crochet heart pattern

Andee (@mamas2hands) shared an easy free crochet heart pattern. In another NatCroMo post she also shared some great thoughts and information on the annual CGOA crochet design competition.

18. 5 Tips for Weaving in Ends

granny square blanket weave ends

Laurinda (@ReCrochetions) of Remembering Rowan shared her five tips for weaving in yarn ends. Incidentally Laurinda is another designer on the tour who shared her story in Crochet Saved My Life.

19. Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

free crochet scarf pattern

Brenda Bourg shared the link to her free Red Heart crochet scarf pattern.

20. Free Crochet Headband Pattern

crochet headband pattern

@ThisIsCrochet offers this crochet headband pattern free when you sign up for her free crochet newsletter.

21. Free Colorful Crochet Blanket Pattern

colorful crochet blanket pattern

Julie of Red Berry Crochet shared a free download of this colorful crochet blanket pattern.

22. Free Crochet Square Pattern

free crochet square pattern

Here is another great free crochet square pattern. This one is from @bananamoonstudio.

23. New Crochet Designer: Loose Enz

crochet designer

Alaina of Loose Enz is a crochet teacher and a new crochet designer who has just beginning submitting patterns to publications. For her stop on the tour she debuted her new Etsy shop where she is currently selling crochet hooks and other supplies for crafters.

24. Shibaguyz Giveaways

crochet designers

Don’t forget that @shibaguyz is doing weekly NatCroMo giveaways on their blog.

Do you know of any other amazing crochet blog posts happening for NatCroMo? This post has some; share any others in the comments on either post!


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  3. SharonLeeThompson Reply

    trying to get crochet scrap yarn afghan pattern no 4. my sister in law asked me to finish her afghan that is like the one in no4 picture of scrap yarn.. where can i get the free pattern. i think it use to be called the paint brush afghan pattern.

  4. Namita Dey Reply

    Whatever designs you are sending to are awesome. I want to get some crochet pattern books to decoret my house and make crochet garments.If you kindly let me know the process of getting books,I’ll be very greatfull to you.
    Thanks &,regatds.

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