Last month I mentioned that there was a new seasonal online crochet pattern resource that would be debuting soon. That time is here! The first issue of The Crochet Project is now accessible for free online. You can see all ten crochet patterns in this lookbook and then individually purchase the ones that you want. There’s even one free crochet pattern in the bunch!

The Crochet Project: Issue 1

crochet pattern list

You can check out the crochet patterns in this lookbook online here. It is filled with rich and beautiful photos of the ten crochet patterns. It also tells you what you need to know about the pattern requirements (yarn type and amount, etc.) and shares bios of all of the crochet pattern contributors. It’s a lovely free online magazine that celebrates high-quality crochet fashions by UK crochet designers.

Free Crochet Shawl Pattern

One of the ten crochet patterns in this book is a free crochet shawl pattern. It is the Alchemilla Shawl by Kat Goldin. Kat is one half of the team behind the creation of The Crochet Project; she is the blogger Slugs on the Refrigerator and the author of the upcoming book Crochet at Play (which had a terrific video trailer). Check out her free crochet shawl pattern:

crochet shawl pattern

Crochet Patterns for Shawls, Ponchos and Cardigans

In addition to her free crochet shawl pattern. Kat Goldin has a crochet cardian pattern for sale through this spring collection. It’s called the Aruacaria Cardigan:

crochet cardigan pattern

And here are a few other crochet wearable patterns for sale through this first collection by The Crochet Project:

crochet shawl patterns

Silene Shawl, a crochet pattern by Joanne Scrace (who is the other half of The Crochet Project Team and the blogger at Not So Granny)

crochet cardigan

Bartsia Cardigan, also designed by Joanne Scrace

crochet poncho pattern

Berula Poncho designed by Anniken Allis of Yarn Addict

Crochet Hat Patterns

There are two crochet hat paterns in this new collection:

crochet hat pattern

Jacqui Harding’s Aquilega Hat; Jacqui (@curvyjax) blogs at Happy Making Designs

crochet cloche hat pattern

Elly Doyle’s Echium Cloche Hat; Elly’s blog is @Magpielly

Other Crochet Project Crochet Patterns

The three other crochet patterns in this collection are:

crochet socks pattern

Orache Socks by Vicki Brown of LilleyStitches

crochet gloves pattern

Vicia Mitts by Alice Leadbeter of KnitNRun4Sanity

crochet dress pattern

Euphorbia Dress by Rita Taylor of Heritage Handknits


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