Throughout the month I asked a variety of different types of crochet-related questions on various sites including Facebook, G+ and Twitter. I rounded up all of the best answers in a post on this blog earlier today but what I haven’t shared are my own answers to these same questions. Get to know me better by learning what my responses are to the #crochetquestionoftheday from February.

There are many different styles of crochet art from mixed-media abstract art to wearable fashion art. What do you like in crochet art?

Takino Suzuran National Park, Japan

This is a tough one for me to answer because crochet art is probably my favorite aspect of crochet and I love so many different parts of it. Some of my favorite types of crochet art include:

If you were going to crochet an item for charity today, what would you make and what cause would it be for?

I used to do a lot of work with foster children and lately I’ve been thinking about the fact that I’d like to get re-involved in that in some way. One of the things I’m thinking about doing is finding a way to offer crochet healing to foster kids as a charity part of my Hook to Heal project. I’m not sure what I’d make; that’s something I’d have to think more about.

Opportunities that already exist for crocheting for kids in foster care include Give a Hoot (crochet owls for foster kids), A Little Bit of Comfort and the Red Scarf Project.

How do you feel about weaving in ends?

granny square blanket weave ends

I hate it. It’s the reason I don’t do a lot of motif-based projects or projects with a lot of yarn color changes.

I think that there’s something really beneficial to learning to work through this. I’ve seen some really great attitudes about how this is just a part of the process. What can I say, as someone on the path to crochet enlightenment I myself am a Work In Progress.

What do you think of in terms of style when it comes to crochet? Bohemian? Contemporary? Feminine? What word would you use?

sister by sibling crochet fashion

I am always looking at crochet on the runway and designer crochet so I actually really think of how crochet can be worn in high style. When I think crochet, I think “uniquely chic”. Within that, of course, there can be plenty of other style terms that apply.

Name your top three favorite crochet blogs!

crochet link love

Can’t do it! I read too many of them. This is the whole reason that every Saturday here on the blog I publish Crochet Link Love sharing all of my favorite crochet-related links from numerous blogs around the web. So I’m going to skip this impossible question!

Which do you think would make you more money – selling your finished crochet items or selling your original pattern(s)?

(This question was actually posed in a post over on

I actually thought at one point about doing both of these things. In the end I realized that what I have to offer is my writing and that ultimately what will not only make me money, but also make me happy, is focusing on the writing work I can do in crochet including the writing of this blog, the writing of crochet magazine articles and the writing of my books.

That said, I know from discussions with a whole lot of different crochet designers that the best way to make money is to diversify your income stream and sell both crochet patterns and finished crochet items, balancing out your time as needed to make both as profitable as possible.

What mixed media or craft items (such as buttons, ribbons, etc.) go good with your crochet?

wall art

Right now I’m really interested in combining crochet with collage, so I’m figuring out how to put 3d crochet onto canvas and compliment that with paper, photography, magazine cut-outs, fabric, etc. to create mixed media art.

As far as adding other craft items to my wearable crochet, I keep it simple since I don’t really like sewing but I’d love to explore more creative use of cool buttons.

Finish the sentence … I love crochet because …

I love crochet because in so many ways it saves my life.

Have you ever crocheted a doll or stuffed animal? Share the story about it here!

crochet ninja

I crocheted a set of ninjas. It was the only custom request that I’ve ever been hired to do. The lesson I learned was that I don’t want to crochet items for sale, particularly custom items. The other lesson I learned is that even thought the actual crocheting of the amigurumi parts was a lot easier than I expected to be I didn’t enjoy the process of making the dolls because I don’t like stuffing, joining and weaving in ends (see above!) :)

What was the last thing that you bought related to crochet? (Which yarn, what pattern, which hooks, etc?

That’s a good question. I have actually been really good about not adding anything to my stash lately so I haven’t purchased much. I’m lucky enough to receive a lot of different items, though, sometimes because people want me to review them, sometimes because people are just generous and recently as part of a sponsored post program.

Some of the cool items I’ve got right now that I’ll be telling you about in upcoming posts include:

Where do you buy your yarn? What do you think the pros and cons are of buying local/ indie yarn?

I buy my yarn from a variety of sources but I think that there are a lot of Good Reasons to Buy Local Yarn.

What is the smallest item you have ever crocheted?

When I was crocheting the ninjas mentioned above I realized that one of the arms wasn’t working right. I took what I had and converted it into a tiny little basket. I wish I’d taken a picture of that but alas that one is lost to time.

What is the largest item you have ever crocheted?

crochet blanket

Crochet blankets are the largest items I’ve made to date. One of my goals is to make a large scale crochet wall art installation that covers one entire wall in my bedroom but that’s a project that is currently being dreamt of rather than worked on.

Do you use stitch markers? What kind do you use? For what projects/ purpose?

crochet stitch markers

I don’t use stitch markers. I usually don’t work in the round, which is the only time I can see really wanting to use them. When I do crochet in the round, it’s usually a small project that I do in just one sitting and I’m typically comfortable counting my stitches as I go so that I don’t need stitch markers. I will fully admit, however, that I’ve joined in the wrong place when doing sc in the round on more than one occasion so I think it’s smart to use stitch markers even if I don’t practice what I preach.

What crochet project have you completed that you are most proud of?

crochet dress

One of the first crochet dresses I ever made without using a crochet pattern was a pretty proud project for me.

What crochet book have you found the most challenging in a positive way?

In terms of technique there are some great advanced crochet books that I’ve found challenging and that helped me grow a little bit as a crafter. Dora Ohrenstein’s Custom Crocheted Sweaters and Kristin Omdahl’s Seamless Crochet are the two that immediately come to mind.

One of my favorite projects that I challenged myself with that included using a crochet book was to spend an entire month working through the crochet patterns in Sharon Silverman’s Crochet Scarves book and keep a diary while doing that.

You crochet something for someone else and they don’t respond the way that you wanted them to. How do you feel? What do you do? How does this affect future crafting?

I posed this question because it’s something that I’m going to cover in more depth in one of the chapters in my upcoming book, Hook to Heal, which will be out this fall. It’s something I’m still thinking about so I’m going to hold off on answering in full at this time but I’ll come back to the blog and share more as I form more complete thoughts about it!

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