Crochet is a craft that people practice all around the world. However, we hear about it more from some places than other places. The Philippines has plenty of crocheters but it’s not a place we hear a lot about. That’s why I was happy to get a message from Trey Ajusto, a crocheter in the Philippines who shared her work with me.

Trey’s Philippine Crochet Message

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Here’s what Trey had to say:

“I’m a crocheter in the Philippines. Although crochet is a known tradition here, it hasn’t really reached a “popular” status. I can say now, though, that it’s catching up with the world. There’s a newfound love for it especially among the young (because there’s still a (mis)perception back here that only grandmas crochet).”

Trey also said something about her own interest in sharing Philippines crochet that I loved and wanted to share:

“It is my goal to put crochet in the limelight because there’s talent out there in our country that doesn’t get much exposure, especially among those who crochet in the provinces.”

Trey Ajusto (Gantsilyo Guru)

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Trey Ajusto has a blog called Gantsilyo Guru. She explains: The word “gantsilyo” is the Filipino term for crochet derived from the Spanish crochet word “ganchillo.” (Learn how to say crochet in 25 languages here.)

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Trey learned to crochet during high school. She explains:

“My very first crochet project was in home economics class. It was a 3-D christmas tree. Our teacher didn’t want to accept my project because she couldn’t believe I made it. Since then, I’ve been hooked!”

crochet earrings

Big props to Trey for having her crochet earrings included in the Philippines edition of Cosmopolitan magazine this past December.

crochet coffee cup cozy

She also had her work featured in the 2012 planner for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf company; you can see the free crochet pattern for that coffee cup cozy here.

crochet motifs trey ajusto

Trey also teaches crochet / amigurumi workshops.

Random Comments on Crochet in the Philippines

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Here are some of the things related to crocheting in the Philippines that I got from Trey’s blog:

  • Of course Filipino crocheters make scarves. Trey says: “Even though it’s practically unwearable in the Philippines (except maybe in the Benguet province or when it gets windy and cold during the “ber” months), a scarf can be your legit claim to crocheting prowess.”
  • The yarn store that Trey recommends in Manila is Dreams Yarnshoppe. She has reviewed and mentioned other Philippines yarn stores on the blog as well, though.
  • Men aren’t visibly crocheting in the Philippines. Trey says: “I haven’t met a man (yet) in the Philippines who crochets. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere crocheting.” She also says: “In my opinion, if a man is confident enough to hold a yarn and a hook and have the desire to create, then he is a real man!” That’s why we celebrate male crocheters right? I will add, though, that the one main Philippines-based crocheter that I know of is actually a man: Pablo Cabahug.

Trey also helps support the online presence of Philippines crocheters by sharing links to those folks who are on places like Facebook and Ravelry.

Other Crocheters in the Philippines

Some of the other crocheters in the Philippines that I’ve found through online research include:

Photos in this post were pulled from Trey’s public abums on G+ and Facebook.




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  1. BelleMondeHandmade Reply

    I’ve noticed the Philippines popping up lately in the crochet blogosphere. Thanks for highlighting another awesome international crochet artist.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @BelleMondeHandmade If you think to ping me when you see something crochet-related in the Philippines it’s something I’d totally love to know more about. I’m keeping my own eyes out for it too. I’ve been slacking a little on my profiles of crochet in other countries but doing this post really motivated me to want to get back on that research.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      I love the Crocehtology site. It’s not Philippines based though is it?

  2. I am not a loner but i love staying inside the house for comfort and crochets until i ran out of daylight. I have been crocheting more than a year now, it started out as gifts for my relatives, friends, and neighbors for special occasions until i got a lot of projects and nothing can stop me even if i ran out of yarn. now, i’m still crocheting and addicted and loving it. I already made my facebook account for my crochet projects, welcome to see it at LOOPS.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Sounds like a terrific way to spend the time inside!!

  3. Mindy Salazar Reply

    Does anyone have the pattern for “sampaguita ” curtain. My grandparents used to have them hanging on the window in Bulacan.

    • Kathryn Reply

      My books are available through CreateSpace as well as Amazon.

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