Happy February! How has the crafty year started off for you? January was a bit of a doozy for me in my personal life with tons of things happening that were both good and bad. I had lots of houseguests, stayed very busy, got way too stressed, let my personal boundaries get a little too trampled, got sick and then took the time to crochet, heal and re-establish my center of personal wellbeing. And during all of that, I kept on blogging!

Today I’ve got your roundup of everything that was on this crochet blog in January in case you missed any posts the first time around.

The Big News

hook to heal crafting fundraiser

The most exciting thing that happened this month was that I launched the fundraising campaign for my next book and multi-media project, which is called Hook to Heal.

Of course, I shared several posts related to this on the blog:

Some more big news of the month was that I ran a special free-on-Kindle promotion of Crochet Saved My Life for one long weekend and then dropped the price permanently from the former price of $9.99 to the new Kindle price of just $2.99.

And finally, I issued a challenge to try to get crochet represented more on Pinterest. Anyone who pinned my book’s cover image and left me a comment with their Pinterest handle was someone I’d go follow and pin items for. You can still do this!

Crochet Shawls

One of the themes of this month was crochet shawls. The posts related to that, which I hope you found inspiring, were:


100 Unique Crochet Shawls

crochet pattern designers

10 Terrific Crochet Shawl Designers and their Top Patterns

how to crochet a shawl

How to Crochet a Shawl: The Ultimate Resource Guide

1930s Crochet

This month I launched my new series called 50 Years of Crochet History. I am taking one year at a time, starting in 1930, and seeing what I can learn about the crochet patterns, crochet books, crochet styles, crochet news and even crochet patents from that year. The posts so far:

1930 crochet hat

Crochet in 1930

1931 crochet petticoat top

Crochet in 1931

1932 crochet beret

Crochet in 1932

Crochet Art and Artists

crochet math blanket

10 Beautiful Examples of Math in Crochet Art

rainbow crochet doily

Crochet Artist Update: Asimina Chremos

crochet brick wall

Netherlands Crochet Artist Lauriane Lasselin

crochet stone earrings

Wire Crochet Jewelry Artist Miriam Chor Freitas

crochet headpiece

Crochet Artist Karin Kempf


Help Fund a Largescale Crochet Art Project

Crochet Inspiration

granny square clock

20 Things You Can Do with a Granny Square

crochet hat

I shared the work of reader Pamela who also offered us a free crochet hat pattern. There were some quirks with the pattern and that gave me a great opportunity to write a post explaining how an experienced crocheter can make assumptions to work out a pattern that’s not quite making sense.

crochet turban hat_2

Interview with Innovative Crochet Hat Designer Strawberry Couture

mumbles mummy photo

Interview with a Crocheter: Mumbles Mummy


I compiled your answers to the daily Crochet Questions of the Day. Then I shared my own answers.

Crochet Fashion

crochet bracelet fair trade

New Limited Edition Bracelet from Same Sky (Fair Trade Crochet)

sister sibling fashion

SIBLING’s Over-the-top Knitwear

vintage balmain lace dress

Designer Crochet Project: Pierre Balmain

crochet poiret coat

Designer Crochet Project: Paul Poiret

Crochet and Health

crochet health

Healing Benefits of Visualizing and Completing a Project

mindfulness crochet

How to Crochet for Mindfulness and Be Mindful in Crochet

more bamboo crochet hooks

Crochet for Teen Boys in Substance Abuse Recovery

crocheting hands

Crochet as a Go-To Therapy Technique

And More

super soft yarn

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wool Yarn

2012 crochet knitting trends

Crochet is Trendier Than Knitting in Online Search

My Life in Crochet

crochet scarf

I turned my small crochet scarf into a large crochet cowl

crochet 2011 2012 2013

I launched a new series on the blog called Crochet: 2011, 2012, 2013


I signed up to be part of the Crafty Book Challenge hosted by Anastacia Knits

crochet wine bottle cozies

I crocheted lots of new small items

Screen shot 2012-12-25 at 9.14.54 AM

I shared my personal crafting goals, my commitment to crochet blogging and some of my crochet blog goals.

puppy with crochet blanket

And I shared a photo of Hudson on my crochet blanket :)

And Off The Blog

I have been doing guest posts for Crochet Today:

Crochet Concupiscence recently celebrated it’s 2nd birthday. Thanks to all of you who are reading along!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!

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