Let’s look at crochet news from February 11 – 17… not only from this year but in review of the past two years as well. It’s recent crochet history updated and the best of this week’s crochet news all wrapped up in one.

This Week in Crochet 2011

First let’s look at what was on the blog during these dates in 2011.

crochet sound art

The crochet artist I profiled two years ago was Robere Mertens. This artist blends crochet with sound appropriation and composition in unique installations that make big statements. He has a new art website that I don’t remember seeing the first time I looked him up. The image above his Post-Apocalyptic Shrine piece made last year.

pittsburgh knit and crochet

During this week in 2011 it was the time of the 7th Annual Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. In 2013 we’re in the 9th year but the dates are a little later. The festival is going to be the weekend of March 15th. And guess what? My book, Crochet Saved My Life, will be available there in limited copies through the Fresh Stitches booth! It’s also the time of year for The Portland Yarn Crawl, by the way. It’s the weekend of February 28th,

crochet hands

Foster Grandma crochets mittens for kindergarteners in need. I continue to love stories like this one about everyday people who crochet!

This Week in Crochet 2012

Now let’s look at what was on the blog during these dates in 2012.

jocelyn picard crochet

I looked at a lot of crochet in fashion at this time last year. There was Picard crochet, Dries van Noten crochet and the Dolce and Gabbana granny square bag. The image above is of the newest in Jocelyn Picard crochet.

purple crochet toms shoes

I also wrote about the popular TOMS crochet shoes, which were available in silver that season as a new thing. The newest colors I know of are navy crochet TOMS, lemon crochet TOMS and the purple crochet TOMS shown above.

crochet teardrops

I shared the crochet art of Odia Reimer, which really touched me. The exhibit I wrote about then features pieces that Odia and her father created in memory of Odia’s sister who was murdered on her way home from school nearly thirty years ago but whose killer was only convicted a couple of years ago.

In news about people crocheting in 2012, this week held info on women in India who were crocheting to make a living and also undocumented college students in America crocheting to put themselves through college. The guy from the latter story (Jose Luis Zelaya) seems to have an empty Etsy store at the moment but I’m not sure if that’s temporary.

2013 Crochet News

And now the news from this week, this year …

crochet plarn homeless

1. Teens Crochet Plarn Mats for Homeless. East Forsyth High School & Welborn Academy of Science and Technology students are trying to help the homeless communities. East Forsyth HS, students are crocheting bedroll mats and using yarn made out of plastic grocery bags. The mats will allow people to have a warm place to lay their head.

free vintage crochet patterns

2. Free Vintage Crochet Website Reaches Milestone; 2000 Vintage Crochet Patterns Now Offered Free on the Site. “Free Vintage Crochet, a website that is devoted to providing fans of crochet with a huge variety of patterns at no cost, has just reached a very impressive milestone. Two thousand vintage, hand restored free crochet patterns are now available to the public.”

man crochets for breast cancer awareness

3. Older Man Crochets to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer. Awesome. The article starts”: “Fairview Assisted Living resident Randy Helser is on a mission of spreading the word about breast cancer awareness as well as the importance of helping those who have been diagnosed with it. Randy discovered a way to spread the word was through a hobby he has enjoyed for 30 years – the craft of crocheting, which was taught to him by his late wife, Beatrice.” Photo credit: Deb Hutmire of Tribune

Check back next Sunday for more crochet history updates and breaking news in crochet!


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