You’ve seen Betty, the cockapoo I watch sometimes, wearing this crochet dog sweater (that I made) as well as the crochet hat (that my mom made for her). You haven’t seen it all put together in a professional picture before now, though. I just got this photo of her as a belated Christmas present. Isn’t it adorable?



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  1. Yes, it is adorable. My sister has a small dog that she dresses in Summer Outfits (they live in So Florida) and this just slayed me, I can see her Bella dressed for the winter that never arrives !~!

  2. Sacredcrocheter Reply

    Very cute! I have a big dog (Buddy), who thinks my little dog Charlie’s sweater is somesort of a carryall. Little Charlie gets cold in winter so I put his sweater on and soon after, Buddy is trying to pick him up using the sweater as a handle. I’ve gone through 3 adorable sweaters so far this winter!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @Sacredcrocheter Awm are there pictures somewhere that we can see of your dog sweaters? One of the other dogs I watch, a puggle, gets cold really easily and he LOVES to wear sweaters! He’s the next one I’m working on making something for.

      • Sacredcrocheter Reply

        I don’t have pictures but I just used free patterns from Ravelry for little dogs-I measured him first and made tiny adjustments. The cutest one was one I made using faux fur yarn. It’s pretty torn up now though!

        • CrochetBlogger Reply

          @Sacredcrocheter The Puggle is going to need adjustments because his measurements are kind of wacky but there are definitely lots of great free and cheap crochet patterns out there for little dogs that can be tweaked easily.

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  4. Wendy Le Lievre Reply

    I would love to make this little coat but I can’t find the pattern or a link for it.

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