In June 2011 I did a roundup on this blog with links to 25 crochet artists that offer terrific creative inspiration. I’ve since researched many other crochet artists so I thought I’d do a follow-up post with 25 MORE crochet artists for you to check out.

1. Kristen Wicklund

kristen wicklund crochet plastic bag

Kristen Wicklund works with fiber, pottery and plastic bags to create crochet art.

2. Kyle Ethan Fischer

kyle ethan fischer crochet sculpture

Kyle Ethan Fischer uses his art as part of his healing process and you know how I believe crochet can heal!

3. Ty Tham

ty tham wearable crochet art

Ty Tham is an edgy multimedia artist with crochet in his body of work.

4. Anu Tuominen

anu tuominen crochet art

Anu Tuominen is a Finnish born artist who explores, among other themes, methods of translating linguistic ideas into their visual equivalent.

5. Melissa Maddonni Haims

melissa madonni haims yarnbombing

Melissa Maddonni Haims is a Philadelphia based fiber artist who makes large scale crochet and knit sculptures incorporating recycled/ reclaimed/ found art materials.

6. Gooseflesh

gooseflesh crochet wip

Helle Jorgensen, AKA Gooseflesh, is an Australian artist who does beautiful work using reclaimed materials to create fresh takes on nature.

7. Magda Van der Vloed

magda van der vloed crochet plastic

Magda Van der Vloed does amazing work with crochet plastic.

8. Ingrid Zambrano

ingrid zambrano crochet doll

Mexican artist Ingrid Zambrano crochets beautiful art dolls.

9. Ruth Asawa

ruth asawa crochet art

Ruth Asawa is a San Francisco based Japanese artist who has done amazing work with wire crochet.

10. Sophie Buckley

sophie buckley crochet sculpture

Sophie Buckley crochets contemporary sculptural textiles in nature-inspired hues.

11. Issa Abou-Issa

issa abou issa crochet tree

Issa Abou-Issa is an emerging crochet artist doing interesting work with pop culture images and yarnbombing.

12. Kate Jenkins

kate jenkins crochet heart

Kate Jenkins of Cardigan crochets and knits food-inspired pop culture images.

13. Mary Tuma

mary tuma cave crochet

Mary Tuma uses crochet, sewing and embroidery skills to explore the issue of transformation of both body and spirit in her art.

14. Alessandro Zambelli

zambelli crochet placemat

Italian industrial designer Alessandro Zambelli has done a few interesting things in crochet art.

15. Donna Rutledge-Okoro

donna rutledge okoro crochet art

Art, design and commerce combine in the crochet art of Donna Rutledge-Okoro.

16. Pat Ahern

pat ahern crochet portrait

Pat Ahern makes 2d and 3d crochet portraits.

17. Huckleberry Delsignore

Huckleberry Delsignore crochet mask

Huckleberry Delsignore creates unique and interesting crochet mask art.

18. Bill Davenport

Bill Davenport crochet

This multimedia male artist did a lot of crochet art in the 1990s.

19. Samantha Claire Wilson

samantha claire wilson crochet

Artist Samantha Claire Wilson upcycles knit and crochet items into texture-rich, color-rich art.

20. Sarah Louisa Burns

sarah louisa burns crochet brain

Anatomy and art combine in the crochet art of actress Sarah Louise Burns.

21. Yokoo Gibran

yokoo gibran chunky crochet

Yokoo Gibran creates chunky crochet wearable art.

22. Renilde de Peuter

Renilde de Peuter crochet potholders

Renilde de Peuter is a Belgian artist who creates crochet artwork rooted in domestic symbolism.

23. Lauriane Lasselin

Lauriane Lasselin crochet art

Check out the work of French Nethrelands crochet artist Lauriane Lasselin.

24. Miriam Chor Freitas

miriam chor freitas crochet wire jewelry

Miriam Freitas uses a unique combination of influences when designing her wire crochet jewelry art

25. Karin Kempf

karin kempf crochet bird of paradise

Karin Kempf combines common items with exotic ones for a unique mixed medium crochet art style.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. netheranne Reply

    It’s lovely to see how artists take crochet and knit far beyond the craftwork, and make very interesting artwork. It takes time to find them so I’m glad you found them, thanxx. I’ll visit their websites to explore more and post some pins on my pinterest board ‘crochet art’, or repin form yours. Greetings from the netherlands (with a hailstorm outside my window and snowdrops in the garden)
    Anne (netheranne)

  2. Amazing talents! I wish I could be as good as them. I do crochet but only small projects. I love it though that I’m constantly learning through generous crocheters who share their work online just like you sharing so much information about crochet. Thank you!!!

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