Wire crochet artists hold a special magical appeal for me, probably because I haven’t worked with wire myself so it all seems a little bit exotic compared to what I do with yarn. I love seeing the crochet jewelry and other items that can be made in this medium, so it was fun to take a look recently at the website for Miriam Jewels.

About Crochet Wire Artist Miriam Freitas

wire crochet artist miriam freitas

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Brazilian artist Miriam Chor Freitas, who now lives in California, learned to crochet wire jewelry in Lima, Peru. One of her representatives shares that she is the only artist of her kind that makes and sells this specific type of jewelry in the United States. I don’t have any way to confirm that claim, of course, but I can say that her work is unique, one-of-a-kind and very pretty to look at. Her style combines the unque influence of a Brazilian background and a laidback California lifestyle with influences from both fine jewelry and artisan crafting. She is the head designer behind the brand Miriam Jewels.

Two generations of Miriam’s family is immersed in jewelry making. However, before working as a jewelry designer, Miriam was a social worker. A blog called Splendor says that “with the welfare of children still very near to her heart, Freitas donates a percentage of her company’s profits to the non-profit organization Children in Need Foundation.”

Miriam Jewels Wearable Crochet Art

wire crochet bracelet

What Miriam Jewels sells is jewelry. To me, though, it falls in the realm of art. The handcrafted crochet combined with other elements of handcrafted jewelry work elevate the items to a state of art.

From the website:

“Miriam Jewels has created unique collections of timeless wire crochet jewelry that are true pieces of wearable art. Our collections include the Classic Crochet Jewelry Collection, the Gypsy Crochet Jewelry Collection and the Inca Crochet Jewelry Collection. The highlight of our work is a flawless crochet technique that creates perfectly symmetrical stitches that result in amazing eye-catching wire jewelry designs.”

Miriam’s technique is described further on Mixture: “Her Peruvian wire crochet jewelry are created by making one kind of stitch that is perfectly symmetrical in order to create a distinctive lamellar effect that characterizes the Peruvian jewelry.”

And Fashionably San Diego adds: “Adding more intrigue to this rare craft is the time behind it. It takes Miriam at least 3 months to create even a small pair of earrings. Using techniques like the Peruvian Stitch, each weave of wire needs a slow and steady hand to create the perfect symmetrical look of the jewelry.”

From the Classic Crochet Jewelry Collection

Some of my favorite crochet wire jewelry pieces in this collection are:

This is the rose quartz necklace, one of several that are similar in style. The site explains: "Our round donut stones are wrapped with Miriam's signature crochet in fine silver or gold fill wire."

This is the rose quartz necklace, one of several that are similar in style. The site explains: “Our round donut stones are wrapped with Miriam’s signature crochet in fine silver or gold fill wire.”

crochet flower wire necklace

Crochet Flower bib necklace, made in gold, silver, copper and colored wire

crochet flower earrings

Crochet flower drop earrings

From the Inca Crochet Jewelry Collection

Some of my favorite crochet wire jewelry pieces in this collection are:

wire crochet necklace

The donut flower necklace in this collection combines what I like from the rose quartz and crochet flower bib necklaces in the other collection!

gold crochet wire bracelet

Gold-filled Maya cuff bracelet

crochet spiderweb earrings

Silver spiderweb crochet earrings

The Stones in This Wire Crochet Jewelry

crochet stone earrings

One thing I thought that sets this type of wire crochet jewelry apart from others is the intentional incorporation of meaningful stones into the pieces. The brand’s website explains:

“At Miriam Jewels we also believe in the mystical power of metals, stones, and crystals. For thousands of years, metals, stones, and crystals have been used for healing, protection, and personal adornment; their uses cross time and cultural boundaries and brings us closer to the powers of “Mother Earth.” This is especially true for Peruvian jewelry, an art that dates back centuries.”

They feature a stone of the month on the Maria Jewels blog where you can learn more about different jewels.

Other Similar Crochet Artists

The work that Miriam is doing is unique but it reminds me of …

wire crochet jewelry


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Does anyone know anything about the Peruvian style of wire crochet? I’d love to find out moer!


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