Still from crochet art video The Ghetto Show

I was recently contacted by French Netherlands-based crochet artist Lauriane Lasselin who shared a link to her crochet art. I was really intrigued by what she is doing and wanted to know more about it so I asked her a few questions. Following is the profile of her crochet art as well as her interview responses.

About Crochet Artist Lauriane Lasseline

crochet home art

From Lauriane’s 2010 graduation project

I’ll let Lauriane share a little bit about herself from what she’s written on her artist website:

“French crochet artist Lauriane Lasselin was born in 1985 and raised in the region of Paris. Graduated high-school with Arts and literature in 2004. Joined the Gerrit Rietveld academie in Amsterdam a month later, studied at the department of Design Lab and graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts in 2010. Currently lives and works in the region of Utrecht (The Netherlands).”

Laurine works primarily in crochet but does some other fiber arts work as well, such as embroidery on canvas. She has also done some video work incorporating her crochet as you can see in this video:

Lauriane sells some of her work through ArtQuid?

Interview with the Crochet Artist

crochet umbilical cordCrochet umbilical cord from the project Birth

I asked:

“Starting with the basics, how and when did you learn to crochet?”

Lauriane answered:

“I learned to crochet when I was around 10. Before that I would use crocheted pieces that my mother wouldn’t use and sew them together to create with patchworks technique little creations.”

I asked:

“What does crochet offer as an art medium? In other words, why crochet rather than drawing or sculpting or some other art option?”

Lauriane answered:

“Crochet is very interesting as an art medium for the concept of the line: A thread to create something. I like it especially for 3D objects and I find fascinating that one object has been made by one thread, like a drawing but all in one go: modifications are difficult so that helps making the right decisions during the working process. This is an interesting concept that I would like to explore: how can you modify a crochet work without doing it again?”

I asked:

“What do you hope people will take away from looking at your artwork?”

Lauriane answered:

“I want people to look at my work as a contribution to the development of crochet art because in the time of crisis we are living in, I believe that this medium is relevant. It reminds us that our gran-parents would wear hand knitted clothes, people would grow their own vegetables and I think that it is more than appropriate to show that even art needs to go back to essentials and can be something else. That we could take our time to create something durable and interesting out of low cost material.”

Crochet Art: The Wall

crochet brick wall

One other question I asked was about a specific crochet art project of the artist’s called The Wall. It is an ongoing crochet art project that she started in 2011 in which she crochets red brick walls. She explains on her website:

“I like red bricks because it symbolises the working class houses of the industrial revolution and the most prestigious monuments such as university campus. This contrast remains well preserved.”

In my email to Lauriane, I said:

“I love your project The Wall … can you share a little bit more about what that project means to you?”

Lauriane explained:

“The project The Wall reflects to me a home feeling (I live in The Netherlands where most houses are made of red bricks); and yet for the viewer one material can travel to different radical directions. On one hand, the prestigious monuments and houses or on the other the mine workers’ little houses and factories. This contrast is particularly visible in countries like The Netherlands, England, Ireland, Scotland or even north of France.”

A powerful piece, in my opinion, and one that is visually interesting to me!

Crochet Art: Les Capuchons

crochet art book

Slideshow still from Les Capuchons by Lauriane Lasselin

Another project that interests me is Lauriane’s 2005 work called Les Capuchons. This one is all about the process of the work and how art involves both a maker and a viewer. Lauriane explains on her site:

“This work is a research about documentation. The work exists when viewers watch me working (video) or browse the production planning (booklet).”

Lauriane’s Other Crochet Projects

crochet gas mask

This is a life-sized crochet gas mask from Lauriane’s 2012 project called Killing Time.

crochet art project

The artist explains that her 2010 graduation project was about: “The appropriation of a flat in a social building where all flats are built on 1 or more identical plan(s) inspires me the difficulty to feel at home.”

medical crochet

In 2008 Lauriane did an interesting series called The Cure where she crocheted “interpretations of discoveries for medical care”.

Other Similar Crochet Artists

crochet grenade

Lauriane’s Killing Time series reminds me of the crochet grenade cozies by Barbara Koenen.

dope fiends amigurumi

Lauriane’s video work reminds me a little bit of Andy Aguilar from The Dope Fiends.

crochet intestines

Lauriane’s umbilical cord from her Birth series reminds me of the organ crochet art of Sarah Louisa Burns.


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