Do you remember the small crochet basketweave scarf I made when I was crocheting my way through Sharon Silverman’s book Crochet Scarves? I decided that I wanted to do something more with it and ended up turning it into a huge oversized cowl.

The Crochet Scarf

basketweave crochet pattern

The Changes I Made

crochet scarf

I didn’t really like the short fringe on this crochet scarf. I ended up removing that part. Then I took a black yarn and started crocheting all the way around the scarf. I worked a lot of xdc (basically crochet x’s and some half double crochets). When it was fat enough, I added on a few more rows to either end to lengthen it. Then I joined the two ends to make a large infinity scarf, which I wear doubled up as an oversized cowl.

The Crochet Cowl

large crochet cowl

It’s super plush and cozy!


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  1. undergroundcrafter Reply

    I love how you go back to old projects and revise them. I only ever rip them out or get ride of them!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @undergroundcrafter I do a lot of that too :) By the way, style posts are coming at the end of the month!

  2. lyndamotvos Reply

    Superb idea, excellent execution. I love it. Purple and black are two of my favorite colors to wear.

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