Earlier today I published the best answers other people gave to my January Crochet Questions of the Day. I thought you might want to get to know a little bit more about me by learning my answers to the same questions. Here they are.

What Are Your 2013 Crochet Goals?

I discussed my crochet goals and my crochet blogging goals here on Crochet Concupiscence at the beginning of the month. Some of my goals in my own crafting include to learn a new technique, practice more mindful crochet, take a crochet class, and challenge myself with a large motif-based project.

What Is Your Very Favorite Crochet Stitch?

bullion crochet

My favorite to look at is the bullion just because it’s so different but it’s not that fun to do with most yarn types. I like post stitches a lot. My favorite classic stitch is the hdc, specifically a ribbed hdc.

What Do You Call Yourself?

I am not afraid to call myself an artist but it is more common that I just say I’m a crocheter or a lover of crochet. I also say I’m a crochet blogger and crochet author, of course.

What is Your Crochet Intention?

“Crochet is a way to heal myself and others. I will always come to it with a creative and open mind and a desire to use it to do good in some small way.”

How Do You Like To Learn Crochet?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past that I tend to learn best from reading. As a result I usually prefer written instructions for crochet. If I’m going to use something visual, though, I’d prefer a video to drawings or symbol charts.

What Era of Crochet Interests You Most

I really like 1970s crochet art, which I’ve grown interested in more and more as I’ve researched the era.

vintage 1930s crochet cotton top

Interestingly, my more recent research into 1930s crochet is also making me a fan of that era of the craft, which is not something I’d thought about much before now.

What Do You Think About Granny Squares?

I love to work on large granny squares that have only a few color changes. I don’t like changing colors or joining squares so I don’t do the motif-style granny projects much although I love how they look when others do them!

Who in your life do you most enjoy crocheting items for?

I have to confess that it’s myself. I do also enjoy making special items for friends and family but I tend to crochet more for me than them!

How Has Crochet Helped Your Health?

crochet saved my life on kindle

Obviously, this is a topic I never tire of talking about, considering I wrote a book about it!

What is your opinion of brand designers who incorporate crochet into their runway work?

I love checking out the creativity of designer crochet and brand name crochet. I don’t purchase it but I like seeing it and sharing it. I definitely think if you’re going to buy it then it’s ideal to make sure that the designers are offering fair compensation to their crocheters since this is a handcraft that can’t be done by machine but other than that I think it’s a terrific thing to see!

What is the best way to organize your crochet hooks? How do you sort and store them?

I had already gotten some terrific ideas about this from asking it last year but don’t honestly do much of anything special with mine. A friend made me a lovely crochet hook case out of fabric and I keep everything in there or right in the work that I’m working on.

If you could take a crochet retreat in any city of the world, where would you choose?

I’m currently infatuated with the idea of spending a relaxing vacation on a beach in the Mediterranean islands of Greece so I’d pick there. I’d love to crochet some type of dress for myself there so that every time I wore it I’d be reminded me of the experience!

There is a lot of math in crochet. How do you feel about that?

I love exploring how math, science and art can all be incorporated into crochet. I love it as a concept. I don’t actually pay much attention to the math in crochet when I’m crafting something myself, though, unless my stage of the pattern absolutely requires it!

Have you ever resented something you were crocheting? Why? What did you do about it?

I learned early on that if I have to make something, meaning I committed myself to it for one reason or another and someone else is expecting it, then I rarely enjoy the process. I deal with this by not taking on projects for other people and just crocheting what I feel like crocheting so that it can remain something that is a true joy for me!

What type of crochet hooks are your favorite? Aluminum? Steel? Handcrafted? Specific brand?

aluminum crochet hooks

I love looking at beautiful glass and hand carved wooden crochet hooks but I prefer working with Boye aluminum hooks.

What are the positive and negative things that you say to yourself as you crochet?

I actually try to practice mindful crochet in which I observe all of my thoughts without any sort of judgment. However, sometimes I actively incorporate affirmations into my crochet work and will say things like, “My creativity heals myself and others” as I complete each row.

Which stage of the crochet process do you enjoy the most – planning the project, working on it or completing it?

My answer to this one seems to change a lot but right now it’s the process of working. I’m actually crocheting this humongous hyperbolic crochet art piece all in blue right now and I am just growing it and growing it and growing it and not even thinking about when it will end but just loving the rhythmic process of seeing it unfold.

What is the #1 way that Crochet Makes You Feel Creative?

It allows me to do an artistic thing in my own way in a setting that doesn’t invoke a lot of judgment.

What are your favorite crochet books?

I love the smart advanced crochet technique books like Dora Ohrenstein’s Custom Crocheted Sweaters and Kristin Omdahl’s Seamless Crochet. I love the crochet books from the 1970s that feature projects from multiple designers, such as Creative Crochet. And I’m hoping to read more crochet fiction and non-fiction.

What TV show or movie have you seen that has crochet in it?

1970s crochet blanket

I’m always spotting crocheted items in different shows and movies! Life on Mars has 1970s style crochet afghans in the background of some scenes, for example, and Ugly Betty is known for featuring some crochet. The clip that comes to mind of someone actually working on crochet is from The New Girl.

What type of material do you like to crochet with other than yarn?

I have tried working with different materials like plarn, Mizhuki paper cords and rags. Ultimately, though, I have to confess that I strongly prefer the process of crocheting with yarn, especially soft yarn like silk bamboo yarn and baby alpaca yarn.

What have you done (if anything) to be eco-friendly in your crochet work?

  • I’ve participated in the Something in the Water eco-art crochet project using plarn.
  • I frequently purchase local yarn and yarn from indie dyers and spinners who work with organic, sustainable sources.
  • I constantly frog unused projects and repurpose the yarn.
  • I buy used yarn through thrift stores and other secondhand sources.
  • I try to spread the word about eco-friendly crochet through my blog.

A pattern you’re working through isn’t working out. What do you do?

I actually don’t often follow crochet patterns because I kind of just like to make it up as I go. However, this is definitely an issue that has come up when following patterns. I wrote a post this month about the main thing I’ll do in a situation like this which is make basic crochet assumptions to adjust the pattern and try to get it to work. If that doesn’t work I usually let the project go and do something else but if I really wanted to make the item or thought that the problem was that I didn’t understand something then I might contact the designer or turn to Ravelry forums to get help working through the piece.

What are your thoughts on people who crochet items for their pets?

So I confess that I used to be unnecessarily judgy about this, thinking “what the heck, pets don’t need clothes!” And then … then I started crocheting clothes for the pets in my life and I totally love doing it. And some of the pets actually really like wearing clothes!

How many crochet hooks do you own? How many is too many?

I actually don’t keep that many crochet hooks around. I have a set of D-K from Boye. I have a few loose hooks of random sizes from Susan Bates, a lite-up hook, a bamboo hook and two large hooks – an aluminum N and a plastic Q. I have a set of about eight small size thread crochet hooks that I never really use. So what is that – about 20? 25? I’d like to get a set of glass hooks and a set of wooden hooks although I’m sure that’s more for show. So too many for me personally would be maybe 5o but I think it’s wonderful when people have really cool large collections of hundreds of interesting crochet hooks.

Ask me any crochet question you want to know about me in the comments below!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @undergroundcrafter Are there any others that you like? I periodically try new ones but always go back to Boye.

      • undergroundcrafter Reply

        @CrochetBlogger I’m strictly about Boye when it comes to “regular” hooks. For fancy hooks and comfort hooks, I like Tulip Etimo and the Eleggant Hook (an ergonomic hook handle that uses Boye tips). I have a Crochet Dude hook, too, which is pretty similar to the Etimo in terms of comfort. I can’t quite decide how I feel about the Addi Swing. Sometimes, it seems to make my hand feel better and other times it doesn’t seem as comfortable. All of these have similar points to the Boye hooks – I really don’t like the points that are flattened like Susan Bates. I seem to really split the yarn up with those.

        • CrochetBlogger Reply

          @undergroundcrafter I’m with you on the Boye points … I don’t know if it’s just because that’s what I learned on or what but that type of point on the hook is what’s most comfortable to me. Hadn’t heard of the Eleggant Hook handle before … will definitely look it up out of curiosity.

        • undergroundcrafter Reply

          @CrochetBlogger I reviewed it here: http://undergroundcrafter.com/blog/2012/04/16/battle-of-the-egg-shaped-crochet-hook-handles/ It takes a little getting used to, but for me it prevents hand cramps when I’m doing major crocheting.

        • CrochetBlogger Reply

          @undergroundcrafter Good to know. People always ask me about stuff like that so now I’ll have a review to point them to as one resource.

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