Karin Kempf is an Irish crochet artist who makes beautiful three-dimensional work that explores color, texture and shape. I love what she’s doing and wanted to share it with you here today!

About Crochet Artist Karin Kempf

crochet headpiece

Cork Textiles has a nice succinct explanation of Karin’s work:

“Karin Kempf’s work brings together the exotic and the common by the manipulation of fabrics and the use of colour. Her main interest lies in investigating shape and texture and exploring various compositions within her designs.”

I further learned from Cork Craft and Design (in case you hadn’t guessed, Karin is based in Cork, Ireland) that much of her work is found object work. Sometimes the fabric itself is a found object but more often the work incorporates recycled jewelry metals and home objects.

About Karin Kempf’s Crochet Art

crochet mixed media headpiece

What I’ve noticed as I look through Karin’s body of work online is that she tends to take an ordinary or common object and then utilize boldly colored and highly textured crochet work (and other fabric work) to turn the object into a piece of exotic artwork. So for example, an orindary teapot because a curious artistic object when wrapped in colorful, flashy crocheted fabric.

There seem to be influences from different cultures in her work although I can’t pinpoint which ones. Cork Craft and Design says about this:

“The forms and materials used express her multi-cultural influences and incorporate iconic references, particularly religious icons. This can be seen in the large scale installations both in and around her home. Her exposure to different cultures comes from her native Bavaria, her extensive travelling in Africa and Asia and her life here in Ireland.”

Karin also creates crochet jewelry, including wire jewelry and thread/ yarn jewelry.

Karin Kempf’s Crochet Tea Cozies

I love the body of work that Karin has done in this area so I thought I’d pull out some examples from her gallery:

crocheted teapot art

crochet teapot cozy art

crochet tea server

crochet covered teapot

crochet covered tea

crochet art object

Karin Kempf’s Crochet Jewelry

Here are some of the jewelry items that Karin has created in crochet:

crochet wire necklaces

crochet wire jewelry

Traveler Digital Camera

Other Similar Crochet Artists

Karin is definitely a unique crochet artist but if asked who she reminds me of I’d say …

crocheted potholders

The colorful home-decor crochet art of Anu Tuominen

crochet mixed media art

The found object crochet art of 1970s designer Bonnie Meltzer

crochet steampunk hat

The 3D sculptural hats of Strawberry Couture


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  1. Love the purple hat and the teapot cozies. Wonderful use of the entire palette.

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