Of all of the crochet blog posts I read this week, these were the ones I think you shouldn’t miss!

Something Special

Stitch Red is working hard to get on The Today Show. I’ve mentioned this project before a few times; it’s using needlework to raise awareness for heart health. They’re working hard to get attention from The Today Show and if you happen to be in New York next weekend for VK Live (or just because it’s New York) then you can help. Here’s the info about The Today Show project.

Smart Crochet Posts

  • Conceptual Crochet Project. Underground Crafter is planning a cool conceptual crochet project for herself showing data visualization of weather. It sounds super neat. Check it out.
  • Crooked Lake Cottage Crochet Blanket. Cozy Made Things shares not only a crochet blanket but the story behind the blanket; it’s always the stories that make handmade items so special!
  • Yarndale Creativity. Attic24 shares info about her craft group and a project that they did together for a postcard for the Yarndale event.

Beautiful Crochet Items

crochet moose 

Monique’s Place has a new crochet moose! This could definitely go in my previous roundup of taxidermy crochet animals.

crochet leaf

Creative Jewish Mom shares how a simple crochet leaf can look really great in chunky yarn.

granny square blanket

According to Matt has made a new granny square blanket, saying: “It’s a little darker and maybe a tad moodier than my last blanket, but I think I’m liking that now”. I like it, too! Pop over for a look at the full photos.

crochet squares pillow

Haken en Meer kicked off the year with a long granny squares pillow that is a great addition to the rest of the space!

Crochet Reviews

  • Crochet Noro Book Review. @UCrafter shares her opinion of this book of designs using Noro yarn.
  • Vote for eMagazines. @planetjune recommends e-magazines via Zinio for crocheters.
  • Crochet One Skein Wonders. @anastaciaknits gives us a thorough look at her opinion on this crochet book by Judith Durant and Edie Eckman that’s due out in March.

Crochet Interviews

  • Twinkie Chan’s 5 Crochet Tips. Mollie Makes interviews @twinkiechan.
  • Vickie Howell Podcast Interview. @sisterdiane talks to Vickie about being a crafty celebrity and we get to see how down-to-earth Vickie really is. Sadly the Craftypod podcast has to come to an end. It’s had a great run and I really look forward to seeing what the awesome Diane does next. Read her podcast goodbye post to see some really smart words about why we should pay to support what we love online.

How to Crochet

Crochet Patterns

Crochet Quote of the Week

“Crochet is a craft that can help you through. I’ve heard many stories from people who have crafted through illnesses, depression, and other tough times. The simple act of creating something and watching it grow can be a revelation.” – Caissa at CrochetSpot

Video of the Week

Video from the trochet project


  • Emerald Yarn. Emerald has been named the new Pantone color of the year. Lion Brand shares four of their green yarns in honor of that. I think my favorite of the four is Martha Stewart Crafts Alpaca Blend in Meadow Green.
  • How to Recycle Frogged Yarn. This is part of the month-long organizational series over at WEBS. Another good post on yarn organization this week came from Anna Maria Horner who does a great job of displaying color in her organizing.
  • How to Use a Yarn Winder. New smart tutorial from @crochetkitten.

Other Crafty Things

  • Regular Crochet from @crochetkim. Kim Guzman shares that although she’s known for Tunisian Crochet some of her most popular designs have been “regular” crochet. In other Tunisian news, CrochetMe talks this week about the new Tunisian Crochet book from Dora Ohrenstein.

And Some Special Thanks

Happy weekend and happy reading!


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  1. susanpinner Reply

    Hi and thanks again for another mention… a granny a week for 2013, the one mentioned has just grab me a bit and i’m making (with variations 3 crochet tops) garments for a change, something I have never done in crochet before usually it’s home goods with a few scarves and hats thrown in. Love your informative posts.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @susanpinner Yes, I saw one of your tops this week and was loving it. You’ve got such a great sense of crochet style.

      • susanpinner Reply

        @CrochetBlogger  @susanpinner
         Thanks. In all my years of crochet I have never made clothes before, just a few hats and scarves, having fun with the clothing so far I can see it is going to fill my 2013.

  2. Fruitful Fusion Reply

    Aw Kathryn!!! Thank you SO much for mentioning the Trochet project video!!! I really appreciate it!!!

  3. TamaraKelly Reply

    Thank you for including the moogly roundup! And for doing a free weekend of Crochet Saved My Life – it’s been a huge hit!

  4. undergroundcrafter Reply

    Thanks for sharing my links this week, and for keeping me updated.  (By the way, I started the first few rows of my scarf, and I’m loving it so far!)

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