Crochet vs Knitting search terms, trends, past January 2008 – December 2012 (crochet is blue)

I recently spent some time playing with the Google Trends tool. This online tool allows you to enter search terms and look at the trends related to those terms over time. You can search a single term or compare various terms. I was curious to see how “crochet” stacks up against “knitting” in terms of online searches.

Here’s a comparison of the search terms in 2008:

And here’s a comparison of the search tems in 2012

I discovered that crochet and knitting both increased in popularity as search terms over the past five years. However, crochet searches grew considerably more. Five years ago, it was trending slightly less than knitting but now there are significantly more searches for crochet than knitting. Interesting!

I also used the search tool to look at the most popular search terms related to crochet in both 2008 and 2012. There were a lot of similarities; people search for crochet patterns and how to crochet. But there were a few key differences. Here were the top search terms in 2008:

Note that “knitting” appeared as a crochet search term in 2008.

In 2012, the top crochet-related search terms were:

As you may notice, something different now is that there are more people searching Spanish crochet terms, something that didn’t appear in the 2008 list.

Finally, just for fun I thought I’d see how crochet searches compared to searches for other crafts in the past few years. I was intrigued to see that crochet searches recently (in the past two years) surpassed searches for sewing:

Interestingly, throughout this time more people have searched “crochet” than “crafting” or “needlework” but fewer people searched for “crochet” than “DIY”.


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  1. I just returned from a store where they are supposed to sell knitting and crochet stuff.
    There was an abundance of knitting needles, straight as well as circular.
    And only a few crochet hooks size 10 and 12 mm.
    That was all.
    All the other sizes: sold out.

  2. That’s pretty cool. I know I’ve felt the urge to crochet a little bit more often than my urge to knit.

  3. Matt Collins Reply

    Great charts, Kathryn! I was peering into some of these stats myself recently. I wonder how the stats break down by country. Over here in the UK, I believe knitting is still quite a lot more popular than crochet.

  4. undergroundcrafter Reply

    This is fascinating. I’m totally shocked about crochet overtaking sewing!

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  6. Sammi Jones Reply

    I agree that crochet is popular, but knitting in the UK is becoming more popular as time goes on. Knitting toys is popular for both crafts. The amigurimi craft is promoting this.

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