If you saw the announcement last week about my next book then you know that the book is not just a book but a comprehensive project designed to help others unleash their creative selves using just hook and yarn. One of the things that this includes is that later this year I will begin offering online creativity coaching through email. Learn more about how to sign up for the support now; services begin in the fall.

About the Project

In my popular book Crochet Saved My Life I shared information about the mental and physical health benefits of crochet. Now I want to take it to the next level by helping people learn how to use crochet to heal, improve their daily creativity and enhance their total quality of life. This is going to be done through a new book of creativity exercises as well as the development of online classes and creative email support. The new project is called Hook to Heal.

Who This is For

If the following paragraph resonates with you at all, then this is for you:

Do you have a desire to explore your creativity but also a fear of calling yourself an “artist”? Do you wish you were more creatively fulfilled but fail to take time for yourself to just create? Are there emotional issues blocking your creative side? Crochet can help! This simple and easy-to-learn craft can be used in unique ways to get in touch with your inner artist, explore and eradicate your deepest creative fears and restore balance to your personal life.

Any level of crocheter is welcome. Note that this is not an online class for how to crochet, although I’m happy to help you with the basics and some questions that you may run into.

You have to have access to email, of course, since the support will be offered through that format.

Email Support

I am going to take the lessons that I’ve learned about using crochet to get deeper into your creative self. I’ll be your personal creative coach armed with hooks to help you get to the next stage of your personal growth. The support sessions may include:

  • I will provide you with tools and suggestions for exploring your creativity through crochet. Some will be general but most will be catered to your own situation.
  • I will ask questions and be an email-based sounding board that will help you figure out what some of the challenges are that block creativity.
  • I will offer social support. Note that I am not a certified counselor. I do have some background in psychology but it is limited and I am not a therapist. What I will offer is peer support.
  • I will offer endless encourage and enthusiasm for the work that you are producing but more importantly for the journey that you are on as you use crochet to heal yourself.

And more … I look forward to building a personal relationship with my new clients and each experience will be tailored to be unique to that relationship.

Sign Up Now to Jumpstart My Project

The online support will be available beginning this all 2013, coinciding with the release of my next book. However, you can sign up now and get one month of email support at a big discount. Donors who offer a contribution of $100 to my fundraising campaign will get one month of creativity support this autumn. These donors also get their choice of the digital or print copy of my new creativity exercises crochet book at that same time. Check it out and get your spot now. Note that you can also use your donation to gift someone else in your life with this email support program.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!

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