I love when the readers of Crochet Concupiscence share their work with me. It gives me an opportunity to see crochet work I may not have spotted otherwise and to share that work with my other readers. I was happy to recently hear from Pamela Westin who not only shared some of her great crochet work but also shares a free crochet pattern with you! At the end of the post I’ll also share links to some other free crochet hat patterns for toddlers.

The Crochet Bunny

Bailey's Crochet Bunny

Before we get to the crochet hat and its pattern, I wanted to share with you the crochet bunny that Pamela uses as her FB avatar. Pamela has a great grand-daughter named Bailey that she loves to crochet items for. She crocheted a large bunny for Bailey’s first birthday. The bunny was a pattern that she had seen on Pinterest – the Blue Bunny crochet pattern from FaveCrafts and adapted a bit. She changed the color scheme from blue to yellow with pink details for Bailey’s bunny. Bailey calls her “unny”. She also changed the safety eyes in the FaveCrafts pattern to two large button eyes to match Bailey’s big blue eyes.

Bailey’s Crochet Hat

crochet toddler hat

Pamela also crocheted a Christmas stocking hat for Bailey recently. She shared: “After crocheting for 43 years and not finding a pattern for an 18 month old, I thought “old gal, just write one!” So that’s what she did and here are the results:

crochet hat pattern

Pamela has generously chosen to share the free crochet pattern with us. Here it is. I should note that I haven’t tested the pattern yet myself but I’m planning to do so within the next few weeks so I’ll share the hat I make with you then! UPDATE: I have now tested the pattern and there were some quirks. I’ve written a post showing the assumptions I made to make this pattern work and that post will give you the best free crochet hat pattern. Find it here.


Medium #4 white yarn or any color you prefer
H Hook

Free Crochet Hat Pattern, for 18-month old

Start with a magic circle so you can pull tight after Row two. Chain 4 joins with sl st.

Row 1: make 12 hdc in second chain from hook. (12)

Row 2: 2 hdc in each of 12 hdc you made in row 1 (24)

Row 3: 1 hdc in each (24)

Row 4: 2 hdc in each (48)

Row 5: 1 hdc in each (48)

Row 6: 2 hdc in each (96)

Row 7: 1 dc in each hdc (96 dc)

Row 8: 1 sc in each dc (96 sc)

Row 9: 1 sc in each sc

Row 10: dc 2tog every 10 stitches (87)

Row 11: repeat row 10 (79)

Rows 13, 14, 15 dc in every stitch

Row 17: sc in fp

Row 18: sc in bp

Row 19: sl st all the way around, finish off, weave in ends.

Pamela’s Note: don’t worry if rows 10 and 11 are off by 1, it won’t hurt the hat.

Other Free Toddler Crochet Hat Patterns

It’s so great that Pamela has shared this free crochet hat pattern for us. However, I should point out that there are other crochet hat patterns for 18-month olds / toddlers even though Pamela found it tough to find them. If you’re looking for additional options I’d check out:

toddler crochet hat pattern

Alli Crafts offers lots of free crochet hat patterns for babies and kids including toddler crochet hats. This one is the deeply textured hat.

crochet toddler hat

This is Linda Permann’s Little Sister Hat, a free Craftsy crochet pattern. Photo credit: Brandy Fortune.

crochet cloche hat

Many crochet hat patterns are written for multiple ages of babies. This one is Baby’s First Cloche Hat by @crochetkitten and is written for mewborn through 2 years.

crochet monkey hat

There are a lot of crochet animal hats for toddlers, like this crochet monkey hat that is a free pattern offered from Easy Makes Me Happy.

Do you have a favorite crochet hat pattern for an eighteen-month-old girl?


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