Even if a granny square is the only thing that you can crochet there are tons of things that you can do with that one item. This post has twenty examples but first let’s talk a little about what people think about grannies.

Crochet Questions of the Day

This year I’ve resumed the daily Crochet Question of the Day that I sporadically did via social networking last year. I’m more organized about it this year, though, so each day you will be able to find the question (and answer it if you wish) via multiple channels including Facebook, G+ and Twitter. The easiest way to keep up with the daily questions is probably to follow and check the Crochet Question of the Day Board that I set up. I mention this because one of the recent questions allowed people to share their thoughts on granny squares and people definitely had some opinions!

What Do People Think About Granny Squares?

All I asked was “what is your opinion on granny squares?” The answers were varied of course. A lot of people said that they like granny squares. A few said that they love them. A couple said that they hate them. Many said that they cut their teeth on granny squares and so feel that they have their place or that they are nostalgic for them as a result.

Here were some of the most colorful answers people shared:

  • Irene Lundgaard says: “I love granny squares, they are accessible, recognisable and can be great fun to make, particularly fun when expanded on the original theme!”
  • Danielle Branch says: “I cut my crochet teeth on granny squares; I’ve done enough to make it to the moon and back! I’ve recently discovered that my problem with granny squares is actually the various color combos. A granny square with two or three different colors at the most is ok!”
  • Pretty Little Homemade Things says: “I do love a granny square, especially when I don’t feel like concentrating on a pattern.”
  • Dana Bincer says: “Definitely have mixed feelings. In general…it they are created as a stash buster…I’m not thrilled with them. But if they are used in a large project with nice color selection…I find myself swooning!”
  • Gina Stroh says: “They scare me – lol. It is the joining I am freaked out about.” I hear you Gina; I hate joining. Julie A. Rogers said the same thing, that she likes crocheting them but doesn’t like sewing them together. One good resource to check out is Attic 24’s Join as You Go Squares Tutorial so at least you’re not joining a bunch of squares all at once at the end of a project.
  • Julie E. Pheifer says: “Ugh. no matter the color palette, to me, they give crochet a bad name.” And Pink Peppercorns agreed saying: “IMHO, granny squares and afghans are the reasons people cringe when I tell them that I crochet.”

20 Things You Can Do with a Granny Square

1. Large Granny Square Blanket

granny square crochet

The most common item that people mentioned making with the granny square was a blanket made up of multiple squares. However, as I mentioned above, I’m not a fan of joining a lot of squares so I prefer to make large granny square blankets. Usually I’ll crochet a large square and then add rows to the top and bottom to make a rectangular blanket of the right size.

2. Granny Square Rugs

granny square crochet rug

I previously crocheted four large granny squares that I was using for rugs in my hallway. Just crochet them to the right size and then add a no-slip backing to them.

3. Granny Square Ottoman Slipcover

crochet ottoman

This pattern is in Sarah London’s Granny Square Love crochet book.

4. Granny Squares Scarf

crochet scarf fashion

I had made a bunch of double-stranded granny squares and decided to turn them into a granny square scarf.

5. Granny Square Coasters

crochet mug rug

Single granny squares make great coasters! Create sets of them and give them as gifts with wine glasses or mugs. Put two together and you’ve got a mug rug like this one that I made.

6. Granny Square Wrap

crochet fashion

Put two crochet granny squares back to back. Join them with single crochet … or add some rows of crochet in between the two pieces to make a rectangle. You’ve got a granny wrap!

7. Granny Squares Cowl


The same technique used to make the granny wrap can also make a cowl; just make it smaller.

8. Granny Square Stool Cover

granny square stools

I have seen a lot of people making granny square covers for stools lately, including vintage stools and IKEA stools. My Rose Valley has a crochet tutorial for the ones shown above.

9. Seat Cover

granny square

You can make any granny square a seat cover for any chair as long as you make it the right size. You can use ribbon ties to make sure that the seat cover doesn’t slip off the chair.

10.. Rearview Mirror Charm

granny squares

Hang a small granny square from your rearview mirror to celebrate your love of crochet (assuming you live in a state where you are allowed to have things hanging from the rearview mirror!)

11. Granny Square Pillows

granny square pillows

I crochet a large granny square, then fold the corners into themselves and seam them shut around a pillow.

12. Crochet Envelopes or Gift Bags


The same process I use to make pillows can be made sans stuffing to create a granny square envelope or gift bag.

13. Doggie Sweater

pet crochet

The crochet dog sweater I made for Betty, a Lion Brand free crochet pattern, is basically just two large granny squares.

14. Granny Square Applique

crochet bag

The granny square can be used as an applique on any other item / project. Here it’s decor on a single crochet bag I made.

15. Crochet Wall Clock

granny square clock

This granny square wall clock is one of many crochet clocks by crocheTime. See 20 sensational crochet clocks here.

16. Granny Square Gloves


I think that these granny square gloves are surprisingly cute. They’re a pattern in the book Crochet in No Time by Melody Griffiths.

17. Granny Square Dishcloth

Any item that is naturally square is great for a granny square pattern!

18. Granny Square Purse

granny square purse

Two granny squares and a strap make a granny tote or purse. This is a free crochet pattern from Jo-Ann. There’s another free pattern on Ravelry showing a shorter strap.

19. Granny Square Shirt

granny square shirt

Pardon My Chaos has a free crochet pattern for this adorable granny square top.

20. Granny Square Art

black, white and red large granny square

I’m a huge fan of turning any crochet that you make into hanging art on canvas, framed art or floor art. This was the start of one of my crochet art projects. But even just a single granny square framed on an interesting paper background could make a great piece of art for the crocheter’s home!

Other Granny Square Articles of Interest

So, I’ll ask again for those who haven’t answered yet or people who want to elaborate on their previous thoughts, what do you think of the granny square?


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  1. Great post and what wonderful projects you’ve found to use them for! Thanks for quoting me too! Appreciated!

  2. That granny square shirt (#20) is my favorite! Great article! Thanks for sharing these ideas. Will pin on my granny square board for sure.

  3. Hope I’m not double posting. Wanted to say that my favorite is #19, the granny square shirt. Great article! Will pin on my granny square board for sure.

  4. undergroundcrafter Reply

    I love making motifs and grannies are some of my favorites. I think the combination of color, yarn weight, and pattern can make the difference between “egads” and “wow, that’s beautiful!”

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