2013 in Crochet

Here are links to all of the posts covered in 2013, including crochet art, crochet news, crochet fashion, crochet health, crochet patterns, crochet inspiration and more.

My Favorite 2013 Crochet Posts

At the end of each month in 2013 I did a roundup of the posts for that month in which I highlighted a couple of my favorite crochet blog posts. Here they are all together:

I thought it was fun reporting on a crochet basics infographic posted on Visual.ly; It’s simple but it makes me happy to see crochet represented on a site that is usually tech and business heavy

I also really enjoyed putting together my Mother’s Day post of inspiring crocheting mom stories.

crochet travel

Sharing what I think are the 25 Best Cities for Crochet Travel

I was happy to support the Kickstarter Project for Fair Trade crochet by Cambodia Knits

If, and How, We Should Respond to Tragedies with Handmade Goods, in which I was able to think more in-depth about why we craft after a major international disaster and how we can be more intentional in our donations during these times.

Really strange ways to use crochet hooks!

I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on crochet as metaphor in a post titled Loose Ends.

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