As many of you already noticed, Crochet Concupiscence has completed its maintenance and is now up and running again.

The site has now been moved over to its new home. A huge thanks goes to my awesome web guy who handled the move without my web host’s tech team … he did it efficiently so the blog wasn’t down for an extended period of time and the process gave me no headaches or worries at all.

He is still in the process of finishing uploading images from the blog’s earliest days. What does that mean? It just means that if you happen to be poking around the archives and see a post from the blog’s first six months where the images aren’t appearing it’s a temporary glitch. The actual content is there in those old posts; the images just aren’t all up yet (but will be shortly). All recent posts and upcoming posts look the way that they should. We did this because we wanted to get the site back up and running as quickly as possible so he’s handling that part in the background while the site is live.

Thanks for your support as the blog made its move to this new home! Expect a fresh link love post from me before the end of the night!


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  1. Looks super. Unable to detect any interruption at all. What a omputer guy you have. Give him a hug from your loyal readers. Or at least from me, one loyal reader !~!

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