You have seen bits and pieces of my home in photos over the past nearly-two years but I’ve never put those images all together in one spot. I’ve done some rearranging recently so I thought now was a good time to go through my home, step by step, to take photographs of all of the crochet that’s in here. Welcome to a tour of my crochet-covered home!

The Layout of My Apartment

When you walk in the front door, you are facing a long hallway that ends in my bedroom. On the right side of this hallway are two bathrooms (the first has the shower and sink, the second has the toilet). To the right is the living room and then the kitchen. That’s my home. It’s small but the rooms are spacious enough, especially with their high ceilings, and it is definitely enough for me.

Crochet In The Hallway

Here is the crochet that you can see right now in the hallway from when you first enter. On the left side there is first some crochet art and then further down (past the heater) some of my crochet scarves.

Looking closer, you can see some of the art on the wall (which you previously saw by my living room fireplace). I have also artistically hung the broomstick lace scarf I made using a Sharon Silverman pattern. Fun fact: I’m an Aries. That wall hanging was given to me by my 3rd grade teacher and painted my favorite colors by my mom when I was about ten.

And you can see the scarves, mixed in with some non-crochet accessories, hanging on the wall. The “H” you see is the end of a wall decal that says Laugh.

On the right side are more crochet scarves. Fun Fact: You can see the bottom of a woven bag hanging at the top of the above photo; my dad got that for me from one of his Amish friends.

Crochet in the Bathrooms

There isn’t much crochet in the bathrooms right now. The first bathroom does have some crochet headbands hanging around but that’s about it. Eventually I intend to hang some large crochet doilies in the second bathroom, which is painted a frightening shade of red that could really stand to be softened with great crochet!

Crochet in the Bedroom

I have had a lot of crochet in my bedroom in the past. You’ve seen it in images like these:

However, I recently changed this space. There is still a little bit of crochet here and there, but now it’s more in the small details:

And of course you can find a lot of crochet in my closet and in my drawers:

Crochet in the Kitchen

Crochet makes its way into the small details of my kitchen decor as well.

The matching potholder and soap bottle dress were made by my mama.

Crochet in the Living Room

My living room is filled with crochet. The way I lay out is constantly changing, and it actually just changed again as I moved things around to make room for Christmas decorations, but some of the fairly constant highlights include:

Lovers Knot Display on the Mantle


Crochet Cushions

Lots of Blankets Everywhere

Crochet Art

I hope you enjoyed this photo tour of crochet in my home!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


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