I learned about Yokoo when her chunky crochet chain necklaces were featured on Design Milk. Having now checked out her Etsy shops, video work and more I’ve kind of fallen in love with what she does.

About Yokoo Gibran

Usually this is where I write a bunch of stuff about the artist but in this case I think that a video by Yokoo herself is the best introduction:

This video was featured on the Etsy blog where I learned that the Atlanta-based artist crochets about fifteen hours everyday, running a solopreneur business from home and that she truly loves the entire process of start to finish crochet. Some of the beautiful things she says in the video above that I love include:

  • “It’s important for people to create their own worlds.”
  • “When the idea hits you that you are in control of your life it’s almost like opening a window in a stuffy room.”
  • “I handmade 1582 hats and scarves with my own two hands. That’s such a beautiful thing.”
  • “There’s not a better feeling in the world than being able to be good at what you do.”
  • “I love being hardcore.”
  • “You are put here to create.”
In general I love her androgyny, use of oversized accessories, unique style the sly sense of humor in her pieces. I also love that she’s succeeding in making a six figure income off of her Etsy crochet work.

Yokoo Crochet Chain Scarves

Yokoo makes these cool chain link scarves. I love the big chunky ones that got Design Milk’s attention but I also like the small jewelry pieces:

Other Yokoo Crochet Scarves

In addition to her crochet chain scarves, some of the other crochet scarves and cowls she makes include:

Yokoo Crochet Headwear

Yokoo also sells crochet hats and headbands in her Etsy store. My faves include:

Other Yokoo Art

Yokoo sells her crochet work in the main Yokoo Etsy store. She also has another Etsy store called xMOTHERx for her hand-sewn items that range from collars to jumpers. I love the sense of style here and also love the few non-crochet items included n the main Yokoo Etsy store like this wooden necklace which Yokoo wore when she was featured in Bust Magazine:

Yokoo also shares various artwork on Flickr.

Other Similar Crochet Artists

Yokoo’s crochet chain work immediately reminded me of Abinocoe

I was also reminded of several of the oversized crochet scarves I featured in my roundup of 100 Unique Crochet Scarves, including this one from Fibrehood

And I’m reminded of the oversized crochet shawls by Marc Jacobs


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