A group called the Center for Knit and Crochet has been working this year to try to establish a museum designed specifically for honoring the crafts of knitting and crochet. Do we need a museum like this? I think so! And they make some great points on their website about why they think so as well.

Wait, Isn’t There a Crochet Museum?

You may have heard of the World Famous Crochet Museum before (including on this blog). It’s a cool space where a California curator shows off the crocheted works of many different designers and crafters. It should definitely be celebrated. But it’s not a museum in the formal sense of the word where it preserves the history of the craft and educates theviewing public about it. We don’t have one of those museums devoted specifically to crochet and knitting.

There are definitely museums that include these works in both permanent and termporary exhibits. There are several textile museums that celebrate the fiber arts. There are craft museums that often include crochet and knit works. There are art museums that feature exhibits by artists working in this medium. And there are history museums and cultural museums that share crochet in certain historical contexts. But there is no single space devoted specifically to knitting and crochet and encompassing the art, craft and history of these activities. A knit and crochet museum could do that.

Goals of the Center for Knit and Crochet

In the “about” section of their website the Center for Knit and Crochet makes a “case for establishing a knitting and crochet museum” and in this they explain what some of the goals of this space would be. They include:

  • Enhancing the visibility of these crafts, making them more interesting and relevant to crafters of future generations
  • Preserving the knit/ crochet works of the past, celebrating those of the present and promoting the crafts for the future
  • Serving as a one-stop-shop for learning about all things related to knitting and crochet
  • “To create a home for the source materials of the America’s knitting superstars, as well as exemplars from all the ethnic groups who brought their fiber traditions to America with them”. Designers could have a place to store and preserve their documents for the public to see as well as to display their works.

This museum would serve as a place that offered opportunities in academic research and knit/crochet internships as well as public workshops and classes around these two fiber arts.

About the Museum

This museum has garnered support from the Wisconsin Historical Society and TNNA’s Yarn Group. A symposium was held last month in Wisconsin to further discuss the development of this important plan. You can keep up to date with The Center for Knit and Crochet by following them on Ravelry and Facebook.


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