I recently saw a crochet rhino head online that I loved and it reminded me that I’ve been intending to do a roundup of taxidermy-style crochet art. Here’s that roundup!

Shauna Richardson of the Lionheart Project is probably the artist best known for taxidermy-style crochet (or “crochetdermy” as she calls it). This is just one of her many detailed realistic-looking taxidermy crochet animals.

Elaine Bradford is another crochet artist I’ve previously profiled on Crochet Concupiscence who also does crochet taxidermy art.

I love the crochet taxidermy pieces from Magda van der Vloed who works them using recycled plastic.

I recently learned that crochet artist Nathan Vincent, who most people recognized from his crocheted locker room, was doing crochet taxidermy pieces several years ago

Donya Coward is a UK textile artist who works with vintage materials, including old crochet, and found objects to create pet portraits, wall-mounted heads and more.

The Ladies Fancywork Society is a yarnbombing group. This one piece resembles crochet taxidermy.

Kid Crochet makes whimsical miniature crochet taxidermy pieces; she also does them using needlefelting

taxidermy crochet animals

Etsy’s Ministry of Craft sells taxidermy-inspired crochet animals

Mr X Stitch shared these crochet taxidermy heads from Manafkla Mina’s etsy shop

And finally here’s the crochet rhino I mentioned at the beginning of this post, via A La Sascha


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  6. How incredibly ceative!
    No animals where hurt during this craft.

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    • Kathryn Reply

      Freeform crochet is really the way to go with something like this but there are a few patterns out there to get you started. Pepika is one example of a designer who offers some patterns: http://www.pepika.com/pattern-rhinka-the-rhino.html

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