Renilde de Peuter is a crochet artist who creates seemingly simple home products, like potholders, but uses color choices and interesting photographic decisions to make art of all she creates.

About Renilde de Peuter

Renilde de Peuter is a Belgian textile artist and crafter who has a lovely body of crochet work that she sells in various online stores including Mr. Kitly, KNOTS, Atelier Shop, and Fine Little Day. I first learned about her work from Remodelista, which shared that she is inspired by unique images around her that form the basis of a story upon which she builds her work. For example, she may see an antique photo that inspires her to create a domestic item for the home in crochet. Renilde also does knitting, embroidery and other textile work.

Renilde de Peuter’s Crochet Potholders

What is beautiful about Renilde de Peuter’s crochet work is that she takes utilitarian objects like potholders and elevates them to a new level of art. She does this in part through her smart choices in color and design. One of her main objects of crochet art is the humble potholder:

Other Renilde de Peuter Crochet

The Photography of Renilde de Peuter

What I think really makes Renilde de Peuter’s crochet work outstanding is the way that she chooses to photograph it. She uses mixed media objects and unique backgrounds to set her crochet images apart and those pictures in and of themselves are artistic.

Renilde de Peuter’s Other Art

Renilde de Peuter has a terrific simple style that is translated into other types of craft art as well. Some examples include:

Photo Credits: Most of these photos had multiple sources and I couldn’t identify the original Three of these photos reportedly belong to Alessandra of La Casita blog who did a great interview with Renilde de Peuter.

Other Similar Crochet Artists

I am reminded of the crochet potholder art of Finnish artist Anu Tuominen

Vanessa Chan is another artist who uses unique photography to elevate her crochet work to an artistic level

The simple style with an antique feeling reminds me of the work done by Wood & Wool Stool


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  1. Alessandra Taccia Reply

    I’m a great admirer of Renilde’s work too. Thank you for linking to my shop, but could you please credit my photos in this post? Number 2,7 and 12….thank you! :)

  2. Alessandra Taccia Reply

    I’m a great admirer of Renilde’s work, I’ve also interviewed her few months ago, in occasion of the pop up I organised (Knots collective) if you’d like to read more about her:

    PS: I believe pictures number 2, 7 and 12 in this post are mine…. thank you :)

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      My apologies for that Alessandra. I found the photos in multiple spots around the web and couldn’t tell who they original sources were! I’ll add a note in the main post.

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