Sarah Louisa Burns is an experienced stage, TV and film actress as well as a multi-crafting artist who is probably best known for her crocheted body parts.

About Sarah Louisa Burns

Sarah is an established New York City actress who has worked on both the small and large screen. Her leading role credits include a spot on Discovery ID’s show On the Case with Paula Zahn, a film lead in a production called Caboose and featuring in the web series called Vixens of Virtue, Vixens of Vice. Burns has also starred in stage productions and done voiceover work. Although many will know her primarily for her work as an actress, I learned about her after seeing the unique crochet body parts that she makes and sells in her Etsy Store. I love that she’s created a niche for herself in crochet and I also love the smart sense of humor she exudes in her work.

Sarah’s Crochet Body Parts

Sarah crochets anatomically correct body parts that she sells in store called An Optimistic Cynic. The self-described “anatomy nerd” started out by crocheting a heart and then on requet made lungs, a brain, a liver and more. I learned about her first via Neatorama but really revisited her work when doing research on crocheted organs last year for the post I did on my dad’s birthday about his life as a kidney-and-pancreas transplant survivor.

Who wants crochet body parts? She explains on her shop’s About Page:

“These pieces end up in medical offices for uses in demonstrations, or to explain procedures. They’re gifts for students and teachers, Weird Al Yankovich fans (pancreas), Big Lebowski fans (severed toe), loved ones recovering from surgeries, fans or horror, anatomy nerds, and anyone that appreciates a little creepy-cuteness.”

If you can’t tell, the body parts you see in order here are the kidney, heart, lungs, intestines and a neuron. As you can tell with the heart, Sarah sometimes adapts her crochet body parts into usable items like pillows. She also sells a few of the patterns for her crocheted body parts.

Sarah’s Other Crochet

Although what Sarah is known for in crochet is the body parts that she makes, she does also make and sell other crochet items. Some examples from her shop:

Of this other work I think that the pliers are most in line with her typical style but what I’m personally most drawn to is her work in wire crochet jewelry.

Sarah’s Other Art

Sarah is the co-creator, writing, director and star of a short web video series called True Story, one episode of which is above.

Sarah does a variety of different custom work, like creating this tulle and rubber ferret toy upon request.

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