All this week we’re looking back at the crochet posts from this blog in 2012. It was truly an amazing year. In this post I’m rounding up all of the articles I shared featuring vintage, retro and 1970s crochet.


I did a crochet artist profile of playground sculpture crochet artist Toshiko Horiuchi-Macadam. She started her work in the 1970s and continues today. This post was one of the most popular of all of my 2012 posts.

I shared a Lovely Vintage Crochet Book: Crochet from Hungary. I also shared 1970’s Tips for Crochet Blocking.


It was in March that I launched my new series on 1970’s crochet designers.

I shared the book Hard Crochet, a terrific snapshot into crochet history


I wrote about crochet designer Frank Lincoln Viner and 1970s free form crochet designer Del Feldman


Jean Williams Cacicedo

Ruth Nivola

Sharron Hedges

Norma Minkowitz

And it was fun to share the story about a women who crochets historical designs for Barbie dolls and uses them to teach history to youngsters.


Janet Lipkin Decker

Lannie (Martowe) Hart


Mona Mauri

Dina Schwartz Knapp


Janet Karpeck, 1970s crochet designer


1970s Crochet Designer Mark Dittrick

Nicki Hitz Edson, then and now

Irish Crochet Featured in Museum


Edgy 1970s Crochet Designers: Bonnie Meltzer

1970s Crochet Designer Susannah Lewis

1970s Crochet Designer: Susan Morrow

Crochet History: Canal Narrowboats


I learned and shared about the multi-craftual work of 1970s pro football player Rosey Grier.

And each Sunday in my “then and now” look back I shared some crochet history including:

Crochet hats were hot in the 1940s

Crocheters making stuffed animals in the 1950s

Women wearing crochet pants in the 1960s


The Wonderful World of Dona Z. Meilach

Paul McCartney’s 1967 Granny Square Vest

Did Rosey Grier Really Crochet?

I love doing these posts that celebrate the history of crochet and will definitely be doing more of them in 2013!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


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  2. gardenhistorygirl Reply

    Hi Kathryn! Could you tell me where the vintage crochet playground image came from? I assume it’s Toshiko’s but I’d love to know the source of the image…
    Paige (from the playscapes blog)

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