All this week we’re looking back at the crochet posts from this blog in 2012. There was a lot that happened! In this roundup I’ll share the 2012 posts related to crochet news including crochet organizations and inspiring people who crochet.


General crochet news:

Inspiring stories of people who crochet:


General crochet news:

Interesting stories of people who crochet:


My most popular post this month was my Pinterest Best Practices post. I thought my opinion on this topic would be controversial but it turned out it wasn’t really.

General crochet news:

Interesting stories of people who crochet:



People really liked the story I shared about a crochet item that was stolen from a car and then reappeared twenty five years later.



The big news this month was the issue about the Ravelympics so I had to do an overview of the issue.

A Fair Trade organization has a Kickstarter project to fund LED-light covered crochet Frisbees

Vickie Howell started the Purple Stitch Project to benefit kids with epilepsy

A teen pitched a crochet business to investors

TAFA offered a discount to my readers; the deal has ended but if you missed it the post still has the info about what TAFA is all about

World Wide Knit and Crochet in Public Week happened


My book, Crochet Saved My Life, launched and I ran a ten-day series of crochet health posts:

Knots of Love Seeks your Votes to Get Grant

Afghan Comforts in Grief

Interim House Knit and Crochet Program teaches valuable skills

Tips for Packing Yarn Projects for Airplane Travel


I did a post with advice for a budding crochet designer.

International Crochet Day

Irish Crochet Featured in Museum

CLF at Reno Knit and Crochet Convention

Mother Stress-Relieves with Crochet

4 Reasons Crochet Helped One Person with OCD

5 Reasons Crochet is a Great Craft for Hospitals

3 Women Improve Their Lives with Crochet

Pain of Neurological Failure Reduced with Crochet

3 Ways Crochet Improves Our Modern Lives

Hands on Helps

If Only Doctors Prescribed Crochet

Social Worker Takes Interest in Crochet Saved My Life

Crochet Eases Tears in Difficult Time


October included I Love Yarn Day and American Craft Week.

Crochet Bridges Gap Between Inmates and Community

Roundup of Crochet Wedding Favors

A Chat: Value in Craft

My Thoughts on Foreign Language Crochet Blogs

Knitters Seem Welcoming to Crocheters

I Got Made Fun Of

Etsy Husband and Wife Team Craftypodes (Interview)

The Crochet Kims


Crochet health news:

I likes writing about reasons to (and not to) swatch for gauge in crochet.

Trochet: “Trash” + “Crochet” Eco Project for Low Income Women

Professional Skier Crochets Items For Sponsors In Effort to Raise $20,000

Crochet in 3 Ohio Prisons

Blind Woman Crochets 40 Mile Chain in World Record Attempt

Underground Crafter hosted a CAL


Crochet Health:

11-year-old Boy Teaches Yarnbombing Class

Same Sky Fair Trade Crochet in Action

iPhone Game Features Crochet Characters

Los Angeles Women Seek to Launch Mobile Yarn Truck

I can’t wait to see what happens in crochet news in 2013!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!

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    Awesome! This is like those news show year in review episodes, but in a crochet blog version :).

    Thanks for sharing the link to my Ripple Mania CAL!

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