Drumroll please … The winner of the 2012 award for the biggest contribution to the crochet community is:

* Laurie Wheeler of CLF and Hookey *

Biggest Contribution to the Crochet Community Award

Today’s awesome crochet blogger award is for the person who has made the biggest contribution to the crochet community this year. I feel so lucky to be part of such a generous community that is always doing a variety of things to help each other out. We support each other in so many ways. There are an endless supply of resources as well as emotional support within the online crochet community and this is thanks to the generous people who give of their time and efforts. Today’s award is for the best of the best in terms of creating opportunities and connections within this community.

About The Winner

Laurie Wheeler is a cornerstone in the foundation of the crochet community. She is the founder of the Crochet Liberation Front through which she provides valuable information and resources to people interested in crochet and also serves as a smart voice supporting the craft in the broader community. This year Crochet Liberation Front began to offer varied-tier professional memberships to people who wanted access to additional information that Laurie has from her years of experience working in the corporate world. This includes Mastermind Groups, video courses and more. Laurie also founded Hookey,org., a social networking site just for crocheters.

3 Reasons The Winner Won

Laurie Wheeler won the award for the biggest contribution to this community because:

  1. Laurie regularly promotes the idea that the success of one crocheter means success for all of us. Laurie is very business minded but she understands that collaboration, not competition, is key to success in the craft community. She supports all of us other crocheters and encourages us to support one another using our own unique skills and contacts. That’s very powerful. The new services offered through CLF’s pro membership option are an extension of how she promotes this idea of smart collaboration.
  2. The launch of Hookey is a big deal. It’s the first social network specifically for crocheters. It’s a unique online space. It serves as a meeting place for crocheters of all levels as well as a place to pool our resources.
  3. Laurie isn’t afraid to tackle tough topics. Most of Laurie’s articles are positive and focused on helping us but she’s not afraid o deliver an information-rich rant when it’s necessary. Examples from this year include her Open Letter to the US Olympic Committee, All Craft Media News and Crochet En Vogue.
It didn’t affect my choice of award winner in any way but I want to give a special thanks to Laurie for all of her support of my work this year. She shared her story with me for my book Crochet Saved My Life and supported the book once it was released. She has also allowed me to guest post on the CLF blog.

What Is This Crochet Blog Award?

Not sure what this award is all about? It’s one of my annual crochet blogger awards, given out on this blog every day each December. Learn all about it here.


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    • ElevenHandmade Reply

      @CrochetLibFront @CrochetBlogger well deserved, Laurie! You’re the biggest Hookstar in the town!

      • CrochetBlogger Reply

        I agree with @ElevenHandmade that @crochetlibfront is the biggest Hookstar around :)

      • CrochetLibFront Reply

        @ElevenHandmade @crochetblogger **blush** thank you :)

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