Drumroll please … The winner of the best crochet podcast of 2012 is:

* Stacey Trock (@FreshStitches) of Crochet Chat *

Best Crochet Podcast Award

Today’s awesome crochet blogger award is for the best crochet podcast. It is all about who gets online and manages to chat solo or through interviews about crochet in the most creative, thoughtful and inspiring way.

About The Winner

I have to say that I was really surprised when I looked back at last year’s Awesome Crochet Blogger Awards and saw that I hadn’t mentioned Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches. She’s really been on my radar for all of 2012 because she does so many things really well. I actually almost created a specific category for her called “would have won the most awards this year if there were multiple awards for one blogger”. She is smart with business and branding (and shares those smarts with her blog readers), creative as the designer of super cute stuffed crochet animals, thoughtful as a crochet book reviewer and helpful in offering crochet tips and tutorials to our community. She’s a Craftsy teacher. She’s also super enthusiastic about what she does and I find that really inspiring. But ultimately I decided that if I had to pick my favorite thing from Stacey this year it would be, for me personally, the Crochet Chat Podcast that she launched. Find Stacey on Facebook, Twitter and Ravelry. Crochet Chat is a free twice-monthly podcast available through Stacey’s website as well as podbean and iTunes.

3 Reasons The Winner Won

Stacey’s Crochet Chat Podcast won this award because:

  1. It fills a niche. Stacey’s podcast is actually the only current podcast that I know of that is specifically about crochet. Don’t get me wrong – there are other great podcasts for crocheters but they are general craft podcasts or podcasts for yarn lovers of all kinds. That’s great but it’s also important for our community to have a crochet-focused podcast and Stacey has stepped up and filled that niche this year.
  2. This podcast is nicely organized. Stacey follows a similar format for her podcast each time. She follows up by doing a post on her blog that links to the things that she mentioned in the podcast – this is great for follow up as a listener and also great because you can easily see what’s in the podcast.
  3. Stacey is so personable. Stacey shares a lot of herself in her podcast, in a good way. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know her just by the way she incorporates random life things into her conversations, whether she’s speaking alone on her podcast or interviewing someone else. She’s easy to listen to.
It didn’t affect my choice for the award in any way but I do want to give a special thanks to Stacey for featuring a guest post from me this year as well as for reviewing my book on her blog.

What Is This Crochet Blog Award?

Not sure what this award is all about? It’s one of my annual crochet blogger awards, given out on this blog every day each December. Learn all about it here.


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  1. FreshStitches Reply

    @CrochetBlogger Oh, you make me blush! I’ve been loving reading your series… I’m honored to be included!

  2. undergroundcrafter Reply

    Congratulations, Stacey! I’m about a week behind on all of your podcasts, but I love to listen to them!

  3. Fruitful Fusion Reply

    Stacey definitely deserves it! I’ve loved catching up on every single podcast! Lol!

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