With only three weeks until Christmas Day it’s crunch time for handcrafting gifts for people. Here is a roundup that can help: 20 different projects that make good gifts, use only one skein of yarn each and are quick to work up. Happy holidays!

1. One Skein Shawl

This beautiful crochet shawlette pattern from designer Rebecca Velasquez is a Caron one skein project.

2. Berry Sweet Crochet Clutch

This crochet bag pattern by Drew Emborsky is available for free from Leisure Arts. It’s an easy pattern that works up quickly with one skein of medium-weight yarn and would work as a gift for any girl in your life.

3. Fabric-Lined Cell Phone Cozy

If you are as quick with needle and thread as you are with your hook then you could easily work up several of these fabric-lined cell phone cozies before Christmas. Free crochet pattern from Cult of Crochet.

4. Mindless One Skein Scarf

I don’t know about you but I could definitely use some mindless crochet at this hectic time of year! This crochet scarf pattern (a free Ravelry download) by Nicole Ross fits the bill. Scarves work as gifts for almost anyone.

5. Crochet Market Bag

This free crochet pattern from By Number 19 uses just one 50g ball of cotton yarn. Work up sets of 3 or 5 to package together as gift sets for people in your life.

6. One Skein Hat and Matching One Skein Scarf

Get two for one with this pattern since both the hat and the scarf take only one skein of yarn each. This is a free Lion Brand crochet pattern.

7. Reversible Unisex Crochet Hat

This crochet pattern, available as a free Ravelry download, is for a one skein reversible hat that can be worn inside or out by guys or gals. Great flexibility for gift-giving; I could see making up a few to keep on hand to offer to unexpected guests that I don’t have personal gifts for! Designed by Nancy Smith.

8. Crochet Sponge Pattern

This cute free crochet pattern from Anastacia Knits is for a one-skein kitchen sponge. She also has a matching crochet dishcloth pattern.

9. One Skein Crochet Wristlets

A great gift for someone stylish in your life. This is a free Caron crochet pattern by Marilyn Losee.

10. Newborn Crochet Hat

If you’ve got babies in your life then you have many opportunities to make quick one-skein projects. I like this free Crochet Kitten pattern for “baby’s first cloche” hat.

11. One Skein Crochet Cowl

This crochet cowl is made with one skein of a bulky yarn so it works up fast. Great for last minute gifts. This free pattern is from Heldasland.

12. Crochet Flower Headband

This is an easy free crochet pattern from Creative Yarn.

13. Crochet Bookmark

Almost any single-color crochet bookmark pattern will be a one-skein project. I like this adorable angel bookmark as a Christmas present. Free pattern from Suzie’s Stuff.

14. Crochet Kerchief

Designer Kristen TenDyke offers a free crochet pattern for this kerchief that uses one 50 gram ball of yarn.

15. French Press Crochet Cozy

This is a free crochet pattern from About.com but I have to give credit to Moogly who included it in a roundup of men’s one-skein gift projects, which is where I spotted it.

16. Crochet Bracelet

This free crochet cuff bracelet pattern is designed by Robyn Chachula and available through Crochet Today.

17. One Hour Tunisian Crochet Eye Mask

If it’s Christmas Eve and you need some gifts just make a few of these Tunisian crochet eye masks! Free pattern from No Tension Design.

18. Novelty Yarn Scarf

One skein of novelty yarn can go a long way, often looking like it took more time than it did. Here’s a free crochet pattern for a one skein pomp pom scarf from Crochet Gypsy on Ravelry.

19. Broomstick Lace Fingerless Gloves

A great technique, like broomstick lace, can also make a one skein project look really fancy. This free crochet pattern for fingerless gloves is over on Gritty Knits.

20. One Skein Pet Bed

Don’t forget the pets this Christmas! This one-skein crochet pet bed pattern comes from Crochet with Cris.

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  1. Thank you! A couple of great things here for stocking fillers, but there are so many wonderful links I keep getting distracted :)

  2. goose grass Reply

    I had to reblog your post on my blog – hope you don’t mind.

  3. CrochetBlogger Reply

    @PJIDDY530 Mine are all stuck inside of the many WIPs I have going on right now! :)

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  5. carolmckayau Reply

    I like your cowls better. Could we have tags in the side bar so that I can find them on your site again please?

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @carolmckayau Thanks, although I’m not sure quite which cowls you are referring to. You can use the “categories” tabs at the top of the site to get to different posts. For example, under “crochet blog” you can click on “my crochet work” and be taken to all of the posts about that. Those categories are also in the dropdown box in the sidebar. And of course you can use the “search” function on the site at any time to look specifically for cowls, for example. Hope that helps!

  6. broncoshigh Reply

    I want to make all these! thanks so much. Will certainly make some of these.

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  10. JoyceFischer Reply

    Is it ok if I use some of the images from this page for my crochet class, just to show what you can do with one skein?

  11. CrochetBlogger Reply

    JoyceFischer I’m not the maker of any of these items so I don’t own the rights to the photos. I imagine it would be okay but to be on the safe side you should contact each pattern designer, which you can locate by following the links in the post.

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  18. Hi – I like the Red Bracelet #16 but the link says page not found….can you please help? Thanks, Evelyn


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