Samantha Wilson is a young English designer who has started her own textile business, Samantha Claire Textiles, where she specializes in “in up-cycling old and worn out furniture and soft furnishings by covering them in hand knit and crocheted pieces.”

About Textile Artist Samantha Wilson

21-year-old Samantha Wilson recently graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in Applied Creative Design for Textiles. She was able to use her time in school to explore her own artist vision, develop her sense of style and figure out what some of her personal ethics are when it comes to crafting for business. She also used the time to enter a variety of competitions where she could showcase her work, gain confidence in her abilities and do the kind of networking that allowed her to be able to start Samantha Claire Textiles upon graduation, a business founded on creativity and sustainability. Samantha is just starting to take off with selling her upcycled designs; she would love to do more commissioned work and continues entering competitions to stretch herself creatively while spreading the word about what she does. I think that she’s just coming into her own as an artist and it’ll be interesting to see how she continues to grow as she combines crochet and knit with a passion for sustainability and a love of home decor.

All About Sustainability

Samantha Wilson is very interested in making sure that her business is kind to the earth. First of all, she is upcycling old furniture that might otherwise go to a landfill or get destroyed, so her work saves that used material and brings new life to it. In addition to this, she makes sure that she sources only British wool, supporting the local wool industry and also reducing the carbon footprint that can accrue when yarn is shipped all around the world. Finally, she dyed that wool herself so that she could get the exact colors that she wanted while keeping the dye process as minimal as possible. The artist also points out that since she does her crafting by hand there’s no use of electricity-eating machines – all of us crocheters are green that way since there’s no such thing as a crochet machine!

Crochet Covered Stools

Samantha Wilson’s first major project was to take old foot stools and give them new life as colorful stools for children’s rooms. She says that she was “inspired by the English countryside, the vibrant springflowers and the well known children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

Other Crochet

Samantha makes mug cozies in solid colors, usually bold and often primary colors. I love the unique button details she chooses:

She has made some colorful cushions that match her children’s stools:

And she’s done some crochet flower yarnbombing:

And Neat Knit Rugs

I don’t usually include knit stuff on this blog – not because I don’t like it but just because I enjoy celebrating crochet specifically here. However, I really adore the neat stepping stone rugs in Samantha’s Etsy shop, which she describes:

“This is a sustainable stepping stone effect rug made purely from neutral, un-dyed British Chunky Wool. The knit is felted for durability and padded with knit created using the cut loop technique (where loops in the knit are created and then cut to create texture. This is also felted slightly for durability purposes.”

Other Similar Crochet Artists

Samantha’s work reminds me of what Wood & Wool Stool do so well!

Creative Carmelina is always making beautiful decor for the home, including crocheting around used objects.

The colorful floral crochet reminds me of Catherine Reed’s yarn garden


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  2. Lisa Durfee Reply

    Do you sell the pattern to the white crocheted doily bowls pictured on this page??? I’d like to make this for my sister for Christmas.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Unfortunately I don’t think that the artist does sell that pattern. However, Apartment Therapy has a good pattern for making crochet doilies into bowls:

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