I have written many times about the health benefits of crochet and how it helped me in my own battle with depression. But my view isn’t the only one that counts, of course, and I always love seeing how other people phrase it when they talk about how crochet has helped them in their own struggles.

A little while back Tangle with Tami had a blog post that I noticed because it actually mentioned one of my posts about crochet for depression. Tami articulated her own struggle as she was going through a really tough time. Here are five things she said about how crochet was helping her:

  1. Picking out the perfect yarn with the perfect colors is comforting.
  2. The repetition of counting helps with the OCD tendencies.
  3. “The feel of the yarn soft in one hand and metal hook in the other gives me a sense of order.”
  4. It gives me a great feeling of self-worth to be able to do something productive in the face of depression.
  5. “Being creative, that is my soul.”

These things all ring true for me and it’s very validating to hear other people saying them as well. How has crochet helped you through a difficult time?


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  1. renjac1501 Reply

    I know where you are coming from, it helps with my depression….

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  3. o my gosh! This is how I have been secretly feeling for such a long time! I’m not going mad then! Or if I am, at least I am no longer alone. Thank you so much.

    • Kathryn Reply

      You’re not alone at all. I thought I was alone in it, too, until I started the research for my book Crochet Saved My Life and let other people know and got so many stories in return about how crochet was helping people!

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  5. I definitely feel that crochet helps me with anxiety. It lets me clear my mind in the same way that meditation does. I even started blogging recently, and it helps me feel more focused, and overall more content :) I’m glad it helps others the way it’s helped me! By the way, love the blog.

  6. Verinalda Mendes Reply

    Alo Pessoas Bonitas!

    O Crochet sempre esteve presente em minha vida. Sou uma pessoa solitaria mesmo no começo de minha vida profissional eu fazia peças que me absorvesse. Utilizo fotos pra executar, não consigo crochetar com receita. Em casa tenho poucas peças pois a maioria dos meus trabalhos foram pra presentear ou vender pra comprar mais linhas. Quando checou a depressão fiquei em estado de só ficar na cama, tomar remédios dormir, até que um dia olhei uma pequena peça que tinha aqui em casa e minha filha mais nova me pediu uma saída de praia, aí comecei a procurar as linhas que tinha em casa e recomecei.
    Sempre usei o fio branco em meus trabalhos e há dois anos descobri as cores. Nossa perdi muito tempo com o branco. Agora a depressão não segura, eu que seguro ela.
    Um abração a todos e continue investindo no crochet.

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  8. Crocheting or knitting a pattern that is interesting enough to keep me entertained but also repetitive gives me a sense of order when there are other things that are a hot mess.

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