More than one dozen yarn stores and fiber farms are participating in this weekend’s Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl … and my book, Crochet Saved My Life, will be represented there!

Why Yarn Crawls Are Important

Yarn Crawls, as you may know, are events where over the course of a day or weekend a large number of yarn stores and fiber farms in the same area come together to offer their customers a shared experience. Each place opens up, sometimes with extended hours, and usually offers an incentive to get people to come into their spot. The incentive may be special discounts and deals, the debut of new products, raffles and giveaways or a guest speaker. The idea is to get as many customers as possible into each space while encouraging them to check out the other spaces in the area as well.

I think yarn crawls are important for a number of reasons:

  • These businesses are in direct competition with each other. However, I subscribe to the belief that what is good for one of us is good for the whole. Yarn crawls allow these businesses to work together instead of against each other for the good of the whole local fiber arts community and I love that!
  • Yarn crawls encourage customers to explore new local shops that they might not have seen yet. It’s great as a customer to visit your local fiber farms, check out each LYS in your area and see which spots have something new for you. It’s good to explore and broaden your own experiences. We can easily get in a rut of shopping at the same old place and this shakes us out of that.
  • Yarn crawls celebrate yarn and fiber. They celebrate crocheting, knitting and spinning. They offer a chance to connect with others who feel the same way about yarncrafting that you do. It builds up the community and supports a great passion!

The Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl

The Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl happens twice each year in this region of New York. The Fall 2012 event is happening this weekend, November 17 and 18th. Last I checked there were an amazing eighteen different yarn stores and fiber farms participating in this terrific event. What a great opportunity to meet other fiber crafters, explore some unique new yarns and maybe get some Christmas shopping done!

The Places Featuring Crochet Saved My Life

There are four different stops on the Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl that are featuring my book, Crochet Saved My Life, in some way:

  • Spruceridge Farm, an alpaca farm with an adjoining unique fiber shop, is carrying copies of the book available for purchase. This is great for people in the area who want to get their hands on a copy right away and not have to pay online shipping to get it!
  • Yarn shops Countrywool in Hudson and The Perfect Blend Yarn and Tea Shop in Saugerties are each offering a giveaway copy of the book as well as 10% off discount coupons for online orders. Both of these shops look like lovely spaces and I’m excited that their customers have the chance to win a signed giveaway copy of my book.
  • Those discount coupons will also be available at Scarecrow Farm, a multigenerational family farm in Upper Hollowville. People shopping there can pick them up to help reduce the cost of ordering Crochet Saved My Life online.

I am so proud to be a small part of this great event. The fact that I’m participating gives me a reason to spread the word and support these shops/farms further. The fact that they are supporting my work in this way shows their commitment to the crochet community and celebrating of the benefits of crafting. It’s a wonderful thing that I’m happy to be involved with!

Do you have a local yarn crawl in your area? Tell me about it in the comments below! And if you happen to be an LYS owner who wants to include Crochet Saved My Life in your next yarn crawl event be sure to get in touch because I’d be interested!


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