Here were all of my favorite things in the crochet blogging world this week:

Something Special

The Style Files did a photo post of a Scandinavian home this week that I loved. The site was highlighting how it was possible to combine industrial chic with vintage/handmade items. Of course, what I really loved was the crochet – there were these little pops of color and warmth thanks to granny squares stuff here and there and I adored it:

Smart Crochet Articles

  • So You Want to be a Crochet Designer? Laurie Wheeler of @crochetlibfront provides some top FAQ for this hot topic.
  • Vintage Crochet and Buttons Too. Irene Lundgaard shared how old photos of her granny inspired her to try her hand at making crochet collars. She also talks about a love of buttons, which reminds me of the article I wrote awhile back for people who want to combine crochet and buttons.
  • It’s Only Weird if it Doesn’t Work. @FreshStitches shares why this line from a commercial is perfectly suited to hre teaching philosophy when it comes to educating others about crafting. She says, “I strongly believe that there are lots of different ways to do something… and as long as it works, you’re doing it right!” Love it!
  • Crochet Gauge Rhymes. Dora Ohernstein encourages all crocheters to make gauge swatches in this fun Jimmy Beans Wool post that incorporates some rhyming poems about the topic. The article is really well thought-out, though, and looks at some of the reasons many crocheters don’t make swatches.
  • Frugal Crocheting. Amy from Crochet talks about ways to save money on crochet, a topic I covered last year as well.
  • The Glamorous Life of a Crochet Designer. Twinkie Chan tells us that “Sometimes, after working on a new pattern/project for 2 days, you are left with a pile of unraveled yarn, and a CIRCLE.” As someone who lives “the glamorous life of a writer” I totally understand these times. Another crochet designer shared some thoughts on this life in a post this week; see Aberrant Crochet’s “I Never Set Out to Sell Crochet“.

Beautiful Crocheted Items

As soon as I saw Wood and Wool Stool post about this skirt, I had to comment: “Love seeing wearables from you! The combo of knit and crochet, neutral and neon is perfect!”

CreJJtion has been on a crochet flower square making craze. Beautiful work!

Knot by Gran’ma is making unique crochet masks now.

The SIBOLETTES have done it again with their donation squares – this blanket is themed around music and I love it! By the way, SIBOL was mentioned this week in a post over on Crochet Today rounding up some great charities to craft for this holiday season.

Crochet Interviews

Crochet Reviews

How To Crochet

Crochet Patterns

  • Pretty Little Felted Purse Pattern. This is a free crochet pattern from Petals to Picots that may make a good gift for some girls in your life.
  • Heart Trivet Pattern. Adorable and unique free crochet pattern from Crochet Dynamite. She also had a great free pattern for “gratitude stones”, which I described on Sulia saying: “I love the positivity of this project. It think it’s really all about mindfulness, a touchstone bringing you back to the moment where you can appreciate all that you have right now even though life is never perfect.”
  • Christmas Crochet Advent Bunting Tutorial. Would work for non-holiday time, too; a free pattern from Greedy for Colour.
  • Ogunquit Granny. A new free crochet blanket pattern from Anastacia Knits.
  • Crochet Blankets. Stitch and Unwind did a roundup of top crochet blanket patterns with great timing since this week I always published a roundup of free crochet baby blanket patterns.
  • Organic Potholder Collection. Emma Lamb has a terrific set of new patterns in her shop for beautiful organic crochet potholders.
  • Bargello Crochet WIP. Laura of The Crochet Case has set a goal to create 12 new crochet patterns this month. She started with a terrific pattern idea to do a crochet version of the Bargello embroidery stitch. The result looks like pixelated chevrons and I love it. The actual pattern is a WIP but it’s worth taking a look at what she’s working on.

Video of the Week

This is from a few months ago at Miami’s Fashion Week but I’ve been watching it this week, just loving what Anna Kosturova does with crochet swimwear.

Yarn Stuff

Other Fun Things

And Some Special Thanks

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