Every once in awhile I see a crochet pattern that is just so cute that I have to pass it along. That’s what happened when I saw the crochet monkey blanket pattern for sale through Craftsy. I probably won’t make it myself, because I really don’t know anyone I could give it to and I don’t really enjoy making motif-based project, but I think that it’s such an adorable pattern that I want to spread the word about it so other people can make it!

There are actually two different (but similar) crochet monkey blanket patterns sold by TwoSeasideBabes on Craftsy. There’s a blue one (intended for baby boys) and there’s a pink one with white flowers (meant for baby girls).

Each pattern costs $4 and is designed for crocheters with advanced skill levels. The pattern doesn’t include any complicated stitches but the construction technique is advanced. The pattern, worked with an F crochet hook, is designed to make a 30″ x 33″ crochet blanket.


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  1. jaynagrassel Reply

    Agreed – such a cute pattern! Those little monkeys peaking out are adorable. I’ll have to look into purchasing the pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Chris roper Reply

    It is so cute I would love to make it but it looks hard to do I might one day give it a go Chris ROPER

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