Happy Thanksgiving!

I have many, many things to be thankful for this year but for the purpose of this blog post I thought that I would do a roundup specifically of the reasons that I’m thankful to have discovered the craft of crochet.

1. Crochet has connected me to an amazing community.

I feel so lucky to be part of the crochet community, both online and offline. I love connecting with my blog readers, friends on social media, users of various forum sites and folks who email me about crochet. It’s an amazing world with all of these creative people in it.

2. Crochet is a great form of self-expression.

I have always fancied myself an artistic person but it wasn’t until I was able to create in crochet that I really began to feel comfortable calling myself an artist.

3. I feel productive when I crochet for others.

I love being able to make something special and unique by hand to give to the people in my life.

4. Crocheting for myself is an easy way to practice self-care.

I used to not be very good at self-care. I was a workaholic with too much stress and drama in my life. These days, I go through daily rituals to engage in self-care and keep myself healthy and well. Crochet is one part of my daily routine.

5. Crochet helps me achieve mindfulness.

It is so important to practice being in the here and now. Crochet is one of the easiest ways I have found to do that.

6. Being a crocheter connects me to other generations.

There is something very magical about being someone who practices a craft that others have practiced over hundreds of years all around the world. I like that this ties me to other people from other times.

7. Crochet was an easy craft for me to learn.

I confess that one of my personal flaws is that I’m not good at sticking with things that don’t come easily to me. Crochet came easily to me and that was one of the reasons why it worked well for me as a craft.

8. There is always more to learn in crochet.

Although I learned the basics of crochet quickly, there is always more to learn in this craft. I’m thankful for the possibilities it offers to keep stretching me in new ways!

9. Crochet gives me joy.

I celebrate with gratitude any activity that gives me pure and simple joy!

10. Crochet calms me down.

Having dealt with periods of anxiety I find it invaluable to have a tool at my fingertips that easily calms me down in almost any circumstance.

11. Crochet is an easy topic of conversation.

Having a passion for this craft gives me something that I can always talk about with anyone. It’s a good icebreaker, especially if I’m crocheting in public!

12. Crochet helps me share stories.

I am a writer by trade and by heart. I love hearing stories and sharing stories. This crochet blog and my interviews with people who crochet give me a wonderful opportunity to hear, research and share stories day in and day out.

13. Crochet inspires me.

I am constantly amazed by the amazing things that artists and designers are doing with this humble craft. It leads me to endless inspiration and that’s a great feeling!

14. Crochet is forgiving.

You can make mistakes. You can undo them. It’s almost always that easy. I am thankful to have a regular thing in my life that is that simple.

15. I am able to support small businesses and solopreneurs.

Thanks to my love of crochet and interest in yarn I am able to support fiber farms, indie dyers and spinners, the small LYS, indie designers and others who are doing cool things in their work as small or solo-owned businesses.

16. Crochet warms me.

I love having something cozy constantly on my lap or around my neck!

17. I share crochet with my family.

Sometimes when my mom and sister and I get together crochet becomes a family thing and that’s really special. My dad looks for yarn for me. My grandmother always asks about what I’m making.

18. I can barter with crochet.

I love bartering with others so that we don’t have to spend cash on the things that we want or need. I can crochet items that people want to barter for things that I want from them. It’s a great system! I can also offer ad space on my crochet blog to get the crocheted items I want but don’t want to make for myself for one reason or another.

19. Crochet helps support me.

I write about many different topics but crochet, crafting and creativity are the ones that I write about most often these days. I support myself with my writing so in that way crochet helps support me.

20. Crochet Saved My Life

As I mentioned in last year’s Thanksgiving post, “Crochet helped to pull me out of a deep depression a couple of years back. It continues to provide me with important mental health benefits.” That was one of the reasons I wrote Crochet Saved My Life. Check back later today for a 30% discount code to allow you to get this book at a discount during Thanksgiving weekend.

What makes you thankful for crochet?


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. picotbytorhild Reply

    Thank you for sharing the list! I agree with all your statements… I do love crochet to.

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  3. undergroundcrafter Reply

    Great list! Mine is very similar. I’ll add that I’m thankful that I can earn money from something I love to do so much. The money I’ve made from crocheting in the last few years has really helped us through some tough financial times.

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