Last year the Craft Yarn Council launched a new yarn lovers holiday appropriately called I Love Yarn Day. It went well and it’s happening again this year – tomorrow in fact.

What is I Love Yarn Day?

I Love Yarn Day is an event sponsored by the Craft Yarn Council to celebrate the joys of yarn. It just means that you let others know in some way that you love yarn. That could mean yarnbombing your favorite yarn store (get permission!) or it could mean just Tweeting that you love yarn.

Here’s how they officially describe the holiday:

Whether you knit, crochet, craft or just adore fiber, October 12th is the day to affirm your passion for yarn! Show it off, carry it, gather with friends. Declare your LOVE for YARN!”

The point is to be proud of our craft.

Ways to Celebrate

Here are some ideas for celebrating I Love Yarn Day:

  • Go buy a yarn that you love. Spoil yourself and use the holiday as an excuse. Or be sweet and buy yarn for someone else.
  • Teach someone else to crochet
  • Wear a crochet or knit garment
  • Crochet an item for charity
  • Crochet in public; people will ask about your work and you can tell them why you love yarn!
  • Go yarnbombing
  • Like I Love Yarn Day on Facebook
  • Spread the word; that’s what this post is all about!

Crochet Saved My Life Sale

In honor of I Love Yarn Day I wanted to do a sale on my book Crochet Saved My Life. The sale also honors World Mental Health Day (which was yesterday), Depression Screening Awareness Day (which is today) and American Craft Week (this week). So in honor of all that I’m offering 30% off of my book through Sunday. Here’s the details.

Will you do anything to celebrate I Love Yarn Day?


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