I think I have a crochet blog addiction. I was on vacation for two weeks and it was this rare, weird, REAL vacation where I didn’t spend much time online and didn’t read through my blog reader and didn’t do a bunch of social networking and … well, lived out there in the real world.

It was my intention to come home, hit “mark all as read” on everything in my blog reader and start fresh. But alas, I could not do it. I just had to see what everyone was sharing while I was away. So I settled in for hours and hours and caught up. And I had to share my favorite links with you from the posts that people had put up while I was away. Here they are …

Smart Crochet Words

Beautiful Things People are Crocheting

Twinkie Chan did a “garden tea party” filled with crochet goodness for Mollie Makes. It’s so cute. It reminds me of Kate Jenkins crochet food displays but in Twinkie’s great signature style.

Bunny Mummy always makes cute, colorful stuff but nobody on her blog could guess what this was – it’s a crochet thread dispenser! You can get instructions to make one on her site.

Bearpaw is continuing to work on the neverending crochet blanket of African flowers

Adorableness from Eu Que Fiz

Nero’s Post and Patch made a really terrific set of patchwork satchels with crochet appliques. Love them!

Little Tin Bird has made a new crochet blanket for her baby pram; and congrats on welcoming Tiny Tin Bird into the world!

Pardon My Chaos is working on this wonderful crochet tank top design

Crochet Interviews

  • Interview with Caitlin Ffrench. @PrincessAnimal interviewed Caitlin Ffrench, the designer behind Emma’s Blanket on the show Once Upon a Time. She’s a knitter and a crocheter and a natural dye yarnie and a fun person to read an interview about!
  • Red Scarf Project. Vickie Howell interviews Lynn Davis on the Bernat blog about The Red Scarf Project, a charity accepting knit and crochet donations for orphans/ foster kids.

Crochet How Tos

Crochet Patterns


Darn Good Yarn shares their new Hand Dyed Pulled Silk Sari Yarn:

Plymouth Yarn showed off some new neon colored yarn.

Sunshine’s Creations shared how to spin milkweed fluff – it’s poisonous so you have to be careful.

Other Things

  • How to Felt Over a Bar of Soap. It’s not crochet per se but what a fun crafty thing to try. Found this via CraftGossip.
  • I have to say that I’m sad to see Crochet with Raymond closing up shop as a blog. There are amazing things in the archives there, though, that I’m sure will continue to be popular and I look forward to seeing what this crafty blogger does next when she’s ready to share.

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    Thank you so much for the mention! I really appreciate it :-)

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  3. ElisabethAndree Reply

    Hello Kathryn,
    This is really a very nice post and it is packed with links. And – to my surprise – there is a link to my blog also, thank you :) How are you doing this anyway all, every time I am amazed at the completeness of your information. Thank you again, I wish you a great weekend.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @ElisabethAndree Thanks so much. I try really hard to share my love of the crochet community by putting together these great links in one place where others will know they can find them!

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