A couple of weeks ago I noticed that I was getting a lot of blog traffic from a site I’d never heard of before called “Pinterest You Are Drunk”. Turns out that someone had posted there making fun of one of the items I wore for my 365 Ways to Wear Crochet project. That’s okay; I can laugh at myself … and besides, it reminded me that I should post an update to let you know what happened to that project.

Pinterest You Are Drunk

So this site called Pinterest You Are Drunk is one of those sites that makes fun of the “craft fails” that are spotted on Pinterest. It’s similar to Regretsy or What Not to Crochet. In general I am not really a fan of these sites. I won’t lie; they can be really funny sometimes. And sometimes I check them out just to see things in craft that I’m not seeing anywhere else. But personally I think that a website that gets its laughs at the expense of others isn’t a positive thing. I’m not on some high horse about it; it’s fine if others like this style of humor and like I said, sometimes it’s funny. But usually I prefer sites with a positive undertone.

My Fail

So what did they get me for? They called me out for one of the last posts I did for my 365 Ways to Wear Crochet project. I had found a child’s crochet sweater that I didn’t know what to do with and I tried to turn it into a statement neck piece. The post on Pinterest You Are Drunk was titled, “FYI: The Child’s Sweater You Turned Into a ‘Scarf’ Isn’t Fooling Anyone”.

Ha. They’re probably right. It wasn’t my best style moment. I can laugh at myself for wearing that out and about. But that’s okay. I’d rather take weird risks with my clothes and try some creative upcycling than just wear the same old same old every single day. Sometimes I definitely have misses – in crochet and in other fashion. But I have fun with it, and that’s all that matters, right?

I will say that they didn’t have to go so far as to tag it “reasons you are still single”. Ouch. That stings!!

What Happened to 365 Ways to Wear Crochet?

All of this reminded me that I kind of let the 365 project trickle away and never mentioned why. I was actually asked about it recently in an interview, so I thought I’d share my answer from that:

I launched a project at the start of 2012 called 365 Days of Crochet. The idea was that I was going to wear a crochet item every single day of the year and photograph it to share on the blog. I allowed myself to repeat items and individual pieces of clothing but never entire outfits. I kept up the project for about one third of the year and then it kind of tapered off and I haven’t been consistent with it since.

This was the first 365 project that I’d ever done and I discovered it’s a huge commitment to do something every day for a whole year! I really enjoyed the experience and got a lot out of it. It pushed me to expand on my own personal style in order to show more creative ways of wearing crochet. And I crocheted a lot more pieces for myself to have items to add to the project.

It actually really tapered off because I had to make some changes to my blog. At the start of the year I was doing about five posts per day and it started to take up way too much time. I don’t make a significant amount of income from the blog so I had to scale back and focus on the book and some of my other writing commitments. So I had to think about what needed to be cut out and the daily posts (quotes, an Etsy pick of the day and the 365 posts) needed to go. Not a single person commented when I discontinued the project, and the posts had never received a lot of hits, so I guess it wasn’t very popular with my readers anyway.

Nevertheless, I think it was a great project. I’d eventually like to take that idea and make a photo-rich coffee table book of ideas for styling crochet in contemporary ways.

I’m curious … do you enjoy sites like Pinterest You Are Drunk?


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  1. joyannerose Reply

    I liked your 365 days…., but I think you definitely needed more people, clothes, etc. to keep it up. Your style is a little funky for what I’d wear, but that’s ok. You’re younger and funkier than me anyway. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Everyone should have their own style.

    I never visited that site, and I generally like more positive things too. But sometimes, I do look at something and think – Just because you CAN make it, doesn’t mean you SHOULD! HA HA That’s just me. I still love seeing what people make. It’s more odd color combinations that drive me nuts.

  2. undergroundcrafter Reply

    “Not a single person commented when I discontinued the project, and the posts had never received a lot of hits, so I guess it wasn’t very popular with my readers anyway.” Well… I actually found the posts really inspiring – I’m always trying to put more crochet in my attire (I tend to make more home decor items and gifts). But I noticed your posting frequency changed and I just assumed you had less time. It didn’t seem necessary to nag you about it, too :).

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @undergroundcrafter Thanks so much for the feedback on this. I’m glad to see that there were some people who enjoyed those posts. That makes me feel inspired to do something similar again in the near future but probably on a smaller scale.

      I did indeed make the change at around the same time that I stopped doing some of my other daily posts as well. Time was also an issue for sure. I think what I want to do is perhaps weekly style posts where I still show what I wore during the week and how I wore it but it will be more like 3-4 outfits per week rather than one every day.

  3. carolmckayau Reply

    I had never heard of the anti-pinterest site until now. I can dip into those types of sites, get a laugh or three, get overwhelmed my the nasty and then rarely, if ever, go back. I second what @undergroundcrafter said and I quote:

    “Well… I actually found the posts really inspiring – I’m always trying to put more crochet in my attire (I tend to make more home decor items and gifts). But I noticed your posting frequency changed and I just assumed you had less time. It didn’t seem necessary to nag you about it, too :). ” That’s exactly how I felt about it.

    You’re quirky, and so am I, so it is nice to have someone I feel I can relate to. I love mixing patterns sometimes, other times I stick to plains, and I like pushing the boundaries when it comes to colour combinations. For me it’s partly my artistic side and partly an up yours to all of those who scowl at me one season for wearing something different to the mainstream designs out there, and a season or three later when some designer comes out with something similar they will then wear it.

    Don’t let them get you down Kathryn, let your star shine, there are those of us that appreciate that you do. :)

    And you aren’t single are you? Not that that matters, I’m just a little confused on that is all.

    God bless, Carol.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @carolmckayau Thanks Carol … I appreciate your kind words and the fact that you understand my quirky sense of style! And I’m really so glad to know that people did enjoy the 365 posts even though I thought no one was really interested. This truly inspires me to re-start some type of weekly crochet fashion post showing some of the things I’m wearing each week. Keep an eye out for it because I’m going to get on it soon for sure!

      As for single … yes, at the moment I am. I went through a really, really rough heartbreak last summer and am still kind of healing from it. I know that the blogger obviously didn’t mean anything serious with that tag but it’s a sore spot for me. :/ Ah well.

      • carolmckayau Reply

        @CrochetBlogger I look forward to the fashion installments :) I expect weekly would be much more achievable. I know I wouldn’t be able to manage all that you achieve that’s for sure!

        I’m sorry you have been let down, a lot of men do that, let women down. It took me some time to find a guy as quirky as me.

        So God bless – and stay strong I hope.

        • CrochetBlogger Reply

          @carolmckayau That’s okay … it happens and I know I’ll find the right relationship eventually. Thanks for your kind words.

  4. Anastacia Knits Reply

    I was never sure how you managed to do your 365 posts as long as you had! I admit, I had thought of doing a spin on it, maybe do a crochet wearable once a week type of thing, but even that seemed like too much work. I wear crochetables all the time, but to have to actually take photos (which has to be outside, ’cause my apt is small & crapped & dark), find someone to take a photo or set up the self-timer, & write up a post, every week, on the same basic subject… so not me.

    And kudos to you for handling that pinterest site so well. If someone did that to me, I’d cry.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @Anastacia Knits A few people suggested that it would make a good multi-blogger project, which I think is true. We’d be able to encourage each other and have some accountability in keeping it going while dividing up the commitment. I’m not organized enough at this point to get that going, though, so I’ll just resume the plan with a once-weekly approach instead of a daily approach and see where it develops from there. It’s fun to explore anyway …

      As for their comment, I grew a tough skin when doing tech blogging where commenters can be really really mean!

      • Anastacia Knits Reply

        @CrochetBlogger You are probably right about the multi blogger aspect, but I’m not organized enough either!

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