I love my home. It’s cozy and comfy. I have all of my favorite spots to read and crochet and work. But sometimes you get sick of your own home, no matter how much you love it there. Sometimes you just want to go relax in someone else’s totally wonderful space that’s not your own. That’s why we go on vacations (and maybe stay in places like the knit and crochet room at Hotel Pelirocco!)

Sometimes I fantasize about spending a long weekend vacation in the super creative homes of crafters I’ve seen who shared visuals of their space on their blogs. These are people who have amazing beautiful, looking homes that are filled with a gorgeous sense of style. I feel like if I spent a weekend there I’d come home infused with their creative spirits!

Here’s a look at five of those crafty homes I’d love to retreat to:

1. Creative Carmelina

Everything about the Canadian home of blogger Creative Carmelina whispers serene creativity to me! Here’s a video tour of her studio space:

2. Lucy of Attic 24

C’mon, you know you’ve thought about asking Lucy of Attic 24 if you can come stay in her house even if you don’t know her! (Or am I the only one … ?) Although I have to say I would have trouble deciding if I wanted to stay in the 100-year-old Victorian Home she lives in in North of England or go traveling in the family’s cute caravan with them:

3. Jo Hamilton

Jo Hamilton makes those amazing crochet portraits that you’ve probably seen around the web. Awhile back Work.Place showed her in her creative space. I wanted to take it over for a weekend! What a creatively organized Portland home.

4. Edie Eckman

Crochet designer and author Edie Eckman was interviewed by Crochetville about her home in 2010. It looks so cozy to me and I really love a space with lots of windows! Plus it has a great yard for warm Virginia days.

5. CraftyMinx

This multi-crafter’s beautiful creative studio in Oklahoma City was shared on Chickiedee’s blog, because I’m not the only one who thinks it’s an inspiring space!

By the way, Chickiedee does these tours with Q&A every Sunday and other crocheters (recently Twinkie Chan) have also showed off terrific creative spaces I’d love to retreat to as well.

6. A Bonus Space

This one isn’t a home but I had to add it as a bonus because it’s such a great workspace. It’s part of the super creative and cool looking headquarters of Urban Outfitters. I learned about this one from a post over on Positively Crochet a little while ago. Maybe they’d let me co-work there if I were ever in the area. :)

Whose house would you want to stay in if they offered it up as a creative retreat?


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


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