For this week’s edition of the Designer Crochet Project I’m looking at the fashions of Nina Ricci. I didn’t know this designer until I learned about her from Simon Werle’s 50 Fashion Designers You Should Know Designer Crochet: The 50 Famous Fashion Designers Project for this project.

Fashion Designer Nina Ricci

The first thing I noticed about Nina Ricci is that’s she’s at the beginning of Simon Werle’s book and since the book is in chronological order that means she was a fashion designer awhile ago, and that’s probably why I don’t know about her. Indeed, she was born in the late nineteenth century and starter her first counture apprenticeship in Paris in 1895. Starting in 1908 she had a twenty year career as a fashion designer for the house of Raffin. In 1932 she took a huge risk when she and her son founded their own fashion house despite the poor economy. She was successful and served as the chief designer there until 1954. Her brand is characterized by feminine sophistication. Although I wasn’t familiar with her name, the brand does continue to sell today, and there is some crochet in the brand.

Nina Ricci Crochet

There is a lot of stuff labeled “crochet” in the Nina Ricci brand but a lot of it looks like “machine crochet” (which is not crochet at all – there’s no such thing as a crochet machine – and is really a form of machine knitting). It’s hard to tell in online photos what really is crochet but I did my best … Either way, there’s some pretty designs here.

Nina Ricci dress with crochet trim

This Nina Ricci crochet dress with short sleeves and an A-line skirt has a banded waist for a flattering silhouette.

Silk crochet cardigan by House of Nina Ricci

Liane Purde Crocheted Lace Minaudière by Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci Vintage knitted skirt suit with crochet trim (source)

Other Beautiful Nina Ricci Designs

This post is part of the Designer Crochet Project, a series of 50 posts about 50 top fashion designers and how they have worked with crochet.


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