Crochet is a craft that kids can begin to learn as young as age 3 or 4. Kids that little may struggle with the craft as they develop their fine motor skills but crocheting can actually help them improve those skills in a fun way. The question then becomes how to teach young children to crochet. One option new to the market is the storybook Crocheting with Lucy Loop by Karen D. Thompson. It’s a fun child’s book that approaches the idea of learning crochet in a way that could definitely inspire kids to want to try the craft.

Crocheting with Lucy Loop

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Crocheting with Lucy Loopir?t=moho 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1461120373 is a full color children’s book. It is designed to teach kids how to crochet and provides a first pattern for them to try. However, what it really is is a storybook and I think that’s terrific because rather than just telling children how to crochet, it inspires in them the desire to want to learn this craft.

So basically the story stars Lucy Loop, a beautiful ball of yarn who really wanted to be turned into a beautiful functional fabric. She meets The Great Hook and he helps her by pulling her through to create a chain, then building a row of single crochet on top of the chain, etc. until she becomes a beautiful scarf. It’s a simple story, but it’s charming and fun and I think young children would be enchanted by trying to crochet themselves after reading this story with an adult in their lives.

Make a Scarf

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I think that the reason this cute book is important is because it inspires a love for the craft. There are lots of ways to teach kids how to crochet and I think that this could be one of them but it’s that inspiration that really matters in my opinion. That said, it does show how to crochet and provides instructions for a child’s first project – a single crochet scarf.

The book’s illustrations, by Tony Smith, show the process of crocheting through character-driven images in the telling of the story. At the end of the story is a set of instructions for learning how to crochet. They reference the page number where the related illustrations can be found. I think this part might be a bit confusing for young kids but could be used by an adult to help teach a child to crochet. This is followed by a simple 2-row pattern for crocheting a single crochet scarf. The pattern is written for kids/ beginners and also references the page numbers where the related illustration is located.

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The Age Group

Author Karen D. Thompson has experience teaching children to crochet and has found that simple storytelling, like what she has shared in this book, helps children remember the steps of crochet better as they develop their own experience with the craft. She suggests that the book is designed for 5-10 years old. I think that the older end of that range might find the book a little bit too simplistic but I do think that it’s ideal for the younger end of that range and even possibly some precocious 3-4 year olds. Another scenario that I see working with this book is an older sibling, in the age 9 or 10 range, could read the instrcutional portion in the book (which is kid-oriented) and help a younger sibling as they learn how to crochet together.

Karen D. Thompson

The author of this book has been crocheting on a personal level for more than three decades. She is a crochet artist who operates a family business called Hooksations, through which she sells crocheted items and yarn. She is also a crochet teacher who has taught classes throughout the Philadelphia area where she resides.


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  1. Fruitful Fusion Reply

    This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! Although my kids haven’t expressed an interest in learning to crochet, Id like to get the book to have around the house, if they do!

  2. Ooh! Think I’m going to order a few copies of this for gifts this year. Maybe can finally inspire my 7yo to give it a try.

  3. StitchStory Reply

    Thank you for writing about this book, I am going to buy it for my daughter!

  4. CrochetBlogger Reply

    I’m excited to see several people taking an interest in this kids’ crochet book. I hope it ends up under many Christmas trees.

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