A little while ago I featured Manie One on this blog because I love what she’s doing with crochet swimwear. I mentioned in this post that it’s not all swimwear, though; she crochets plenty of other products as well. I wanted to highlight some of those here including her crochet boots, which are new to her line.

Crocodile Stitch Crochet Boots

I adore these crochet boots, which are professionally crafted with a rubber sole so they can be worn out and about. They’re made using the crocodile stitch, as you can see. She makes women’s sizes 6 – 12 and they’re custom made so you can choose from many different colors.

Other Manie One Crochet Shoes

Manie One also sells some other pairs of crochet shoes. She sells cute shell stitch boots, which can be worn tall or slouchy.

She also sells these adorable crochet slippers that make around-the-house clothes so much cuter.

And she also makes lots of cute crochet baby sandals; these are the Gladiator Sandals.

Crochet Jewelry from Manie One

Here are a few of the crochet jewelry items that I like from Manie One, starting with her pop tab crochet earrings:

Visit Manie One to see all of these items as well as the other great crochet items she sells. I think her work is really inspiring and fun to browse through!


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    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @undergroundcrafter I thought it was great to see the boots because they are more “winter” and I’m used to seeing (and adoring) her crochet swimsuits so it really shows some versatility.

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  3. followingdreams Reply

    Where can you purchase the rubber soles for the crohet boots?

  4. Gloria aviles Reply

    Thanks for share your boots I love and I have this great soles I use for other shape of shoe but st his is great thanks again

  5. Nome Rita Pralom Reply

    Hello, I wonder where I find these soles to sell to make boots for my special daughter. Thankful,

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