I use StumbleUpon, a site (if you don’t know already) where you can enter a keyword and bring up random pages related to the topic. I browse for crochet things there and try to give what I like the “thumbs up” to further promote it around the web. It’s an easy way to support the work of other crochet bloggers.

Although I find a lot of things on StumbleUpon that I like, I don’t often see things that I immediately feel like I need to mention on my blogs. But in this case, that’s exactly what happened. I saw this pattern for an adorable crochet blanket and matching pillow. And it turns out it’s a free crochet pattern from Caron. Super cute plus it’s free … I just had to share!

The pattern was designed by Deb Richey. It’s worked with a J size crochet hook and it’s considered a relatively easy pattern.


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