I was recently contacted by Alessandra Stabili, an Italian wire crochet jewelry designer who wanted to share her work. I was intrigued because:

  • I love sharing the work of talented crocheters
  • I think crochet jewelry is a great area of crochet and always enjoy looking at
  • I haven’t done wire crochet myself but find it inspiring and interesting to learn more about
  • I recently did a post about crocheters from Italy so I’m happy to add more names to that when I can (and by the way, I plan to do the same thing for crocheters in other countries, too)

So I clicked on over to Alessandra Stabili’s Facebook page and website and liked what I saw, which means I want to share it with you today.

About Alessandra Stabili Wire Crochet Jewelry

I like the Facebook description of this crochet artist’s work so let’s start there to get a sense of what she creates:

“Inspired by many different Italian vintage styles, and with crochet as the signature centrepiece of each design, Alessandra Stabili has taken advantage of the enormous wealth of our historical and artistic heritage, “borrowing” ideas from ARS Wetana, from Orvieto and Friuli laces. She is a master of intricate, mixed styles and techniques.”

It adds that the jewelry is all handcrafted by Alessandra herself, that she uses high quality materials from her travels around the world and that each piece is one of a kind.

From Alessandra’s website we go on to learn a few more interesting things:

  • She originally worked in tourism, displaying a love of travel that continues to this day. Her travels always influence her designs.
  • Although she likes travel, she didn’t like being stuck in behind a desk all day and really wanted to devote herself to the maker’s life.
  • In addition to crochet she also sews, knits and does decoupage.
  • She launched her first jewelry collection, “a form of contemporary ethnic studies”, in 2004. Today some of her items “are on display in concept stores in Rome”. Her collections from 2008 can all be explored through visuals on her website.
  • Alessandra lives and works in Reggio Emilia, an ancient city in Northern Italy.

Alessandra Stabili Wire Crochet Jewelry

I thought I’d share the scope of her work by choosing one or two individual pieces from each of her 2008 – 2011 collections to highlight here:

2008 wire crochet jewelry:

2009 wire crochet jewelry:

2010 wire crochet jewelry:

2011 wire crochet jewelry:

Recent Alessandra Stabili Pieces

Here are some of the wire crochet jewelry pieces shown in photos on the Facebook page that I’m especially enjoying:

Thoughts anyone?


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  1. knitnrun4sanity Reply

    Thank you very much for sharing this artist. I have a go at using wire to crochet jewellery and it is really great to see the sorts of pieces that can be made.

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