My book, Crochet Saved My Life, was recently mentioned in the blog by crochet designer MK Carroll. She is one of the amazing women who shared her own story in an interview for the book. In her blog post, she highlights three key positive features of crochet that I think make it a great craft for anyone, regardless of health status.

MK’s Story

Here’s a little about MK from the bio page I did about the women in the book:

M.K. Carroll is the series editor for the Fresh Designs crochet books published by Cooperative Press. She is also a woman who has struggled with depression over the years. Crochet isn’t just her living; it’s her way of life. It helped get her through some tough times and is something she comes back to again and again to stay in touch with her own moods.

3 Positive Features of Crochet

In her post, M.K. says:

  1. Crochet can be an excellent way to do things for others
  2. get involved with positive social groups,
  3. and meditate.

I think those three things are absolutely true. You can crochet for loved ones or strangers and this connects you to a larger community and makes you feel productive. You can crochet with others and this experience is a beneficial social experience. And you can crochet alone as a form of meditation and a path to mindfulness.

Crochet for Depression

In her blog post M.K. also talks more about her own experience of healing from depression. She talks about how crochet helped and how it was just one part of a total wellness plan that she put together for herself to heal despite the fact that she was uninsured and couldn’t afford professional help. She also mentions some good books for people dealing with depression. Read her full post here.


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